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    A Request For Offspring Why Don't You Get A Job...

    Been a while since I been here: Going through some personal stuff and haven't been frequenting my usual haunts...:( I have a request: I'm looking for a 'clean' version of The Offspring - Why Don't You Get A Job. No remix, redrum or extend: basically the regular album version, only with 'bitch'...
  2. DJ Tygre

    Anyone Have Select Mix - Rock Shock Vol. 5?

    All I know about it is that (among other remixes on it) it has remixes of Def Leppard - Photograph and Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train - not too many remixes of these two tracks out there. Thanks in advance! Keep The Faith, DJ Tygre
  3. DJ Tygre

    A Remix Request...

    Does anybody have a good remix of Elton John - Benny And The Jets? I'm looking for one that's at least full-length, true-to-the-original, with a dash of redrum or some Fatman Scoop/Lil Jon/etc. thrown in. Something that the younger crowd will like, while still bringing the older crowd out onto...
  4. DJ Tygre

    Black Betty?

    Does anybody know of a halfway-decent, danceable, yet still-fairly-true-to-the-original remix of Ram Jam - Black Betty? Seems nobody out there has a good one... Thanks! Keep The Faith, DJ Tygre
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    Downloading Off Of SoundC;oud...

    Can anybody here advise me on how to download tracks from SoundCloud? Sometimes there isn't a download link available. Thanks in adbance for any help/advice you can give... Keep The Faith, DJ Tygre
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    Anybody Have The Goodfellas - Summer Breeze (Classic Redrum)?

    A classic by Seals & Croft - it's on the Crooklyn Clan site, but they won't take an effin' pre-paid credit card. Thanks! Oh, and full version please - not the quick hitter... Keep The Faith, DJ Tygre
  7. DJ Tygre

    I'm a grandpa!!!

    I know this isn't DJ-related, but I'm feeeling very proud right now & wanted to share: On Monday August 6, 2012, at 8:28pm my granddaughter was born! She weighed in at 8 pounds 4 ounces and has a full head of black hair. There were some tense moments pre-delivery, but both my daughter and...
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    Question About Choosing Your Song Lists...

    Hey All! I've been DJing for a few years now, and quite honestly I'm surprised at how little I really know about what you guys would consider the basics. One question that I have yet to get a definite answer to, is how to choose my song lists; As are as bpms go, is it better to start off slow...
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    DESPERATELY Seeking The Track "Susan Krauter - Goodbye My Friend"

    I googled it and found a shitload of mp3 sites saying they had it but when you click on the link(s) and actually look you find they're full of shit... Need this song for a retirement party at work - can ANYBODY track it down for me? Thanks! Keep The Faith, DJ Tygre
  10. DJ Tygre

    Has Anyone Ever Remixed 'Boney M - Rasputin'?

    Would be good for a retro-themed night. I'm no fan of Boney M, but hell, I'd buy such a remix if somebody made one (for a reasonable price, of course :) ) DJ Tygre
  11. DJ Tygre

    Realtek HD Audio Manager...

    I need a little help; I have a copy of Realtek HD Audio Manager, and I like the way it makes my mp3s sound. Normally I use Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 to burn music CDs, and I was wondering if I'd be able to use Realtek HD Audio Manager to burn CDs so that they'd sound the same way they do on...
  12. DJ Tygre

    A Request For The Remixers...

    Hey All! This is a Canadian track from waaaay back in the 70's, and it's got a nice dance-y beat to it and a great hook - but it could use a bit of pumping up to make it more dancefloor-friendly for today's crowd. D. Veloped? Edub? E Motion? Rebel? Red? You've all done great work in the past -...
  13. DJ Tygre

    Can SOMEONE Check This Link & Download For Me?

    http://www.24listen.com/johnny-cash-remix.html I can't seem to download any of the songs from it that I'm interested in! I was hoping one of you guys could, then upload it elsewhere and post the link(s) here. I was interested in: Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues (Pete Rock Remix) Johnny Cash...
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    A Request: Scandal ft Patty Smith - The Warrior

    Would anybody have a good remix of this track? Thanx in advance! Keep The Faith, DJ Tygre
  15. DJ Tygre

    Where's Red!?

    It's been strangely quiet without him, here... wherever he is and whatever he's doing, hope things're okay on his end. Don't be a stranger, k? Keep The Faith, DJ Tygre