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  • Hi Im just gettin back to the site after a while . Got any tips on using tjs these days ?
    I Also sent u a friend request .Maybe I could get a friend back ?
    I just wanted to let you know u inspired me to keep doing my thang with this dj shit. I be trying my best to get the exclusive music like you but its hard. Ima young DJ like u in atlanta. im trying to get my name big. I be in all the local clubs from Marietta to gwinnett but I stay off MLK. Do u have any tips or suggestion to what I should do
    YO Its dj stretch from LOD. What would it take for you to hook me up with that Sauced Up from your mixtape with NODJ? i got a show on Satellite... You can Call in and introduce the track to the world and everything...what do you say?
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