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    Mix Dj Unity Podcast

    Check out one of my podcasts...there are some other episodes you can check out as well...Let me know what you think. Click HERE
  2. djunity

    How would you handle this crisis...

    Lets say that 3 hours before your biggest gig, you discover that your ONLY laptop has crashed. This scenario is mainly aimed at those of us that use a DVS like Serato or whatever. How would you handle this? Would you have time and money to run out and buy another one? Is buying a new one even an...
  3. djunity

    How do you handle fights in the club?

    When an altercation breaks out in the club how do you handle that? Do you do anything special as far as the music is concerned? I usually immediately throw on some slow music cuz no one wants to miss the opporotunity to get their grind on.
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    R.I.P. James Brown

    The Godfather Of Soul...the man that truly changed the game and trust me rap music would not be the same with out this mans influence
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    Off Beat Scratching

    Ok first let me say that I am by no means the best scratching cat by far but lately I have been hearing some cats doing some crazy off beat scratching...Whut the hell is this? Isnt it suppose to have some sort of rhthym? isnt it supposed to be somewhat musical? Cats learn how to crab so they...
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    What is your favorite Radio Station?

    There are alot of cats from alot of different places on this board, So I was wondering what is your favorite radio station in your neck uv da woods? I know alot of us have a lot of complaints about radio but I know occasionally we turn it on just to see whats going on. In my city the URBAN...
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    Is that Tj?

    If Im wrong I apologize but TJ is that you in the ying yang twins "Whats happening" video?
  8. djunity

    cd text:Anybody know of any programs?

    Im looking for a program that will allow me to put cd text on my mixtapes. Anybody know of any good ones.
  9. djunity

    doin the damn thang

    yeah yall gotta squint to see this one
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    Stay Low- Lil jon, Lil scrappy and Bo Hagen

    :confused: i have been lookin everywhere for this track, I believe this is the line up but im not sure. So please if anyone has any contact or an mp3 it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
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    Christina Milian- Dip it Low

    This is a sexy ass track. Im definitley feeling this one