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  • hi bro i have the same question like djkevx
    Wanted to start making video remixes of my tracks and of popular songs. How do I go about doing this. I know there are a couple of tutorials using VDJ, but I also know you can do it with Adobe. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Guys!

    i am using pc windows 8
    please help thanks
    Hi Im just gettin back to the site after a while . Got any tips on using tjs these days ?
    I Also sent u a friend request .Maybe I could get a friend back ?
    Yea, I'm off tomorrow so I'm doing some music stuff atm before school and work so Im poppin in and out.
    i'm not gonna post anymore songs on TJs again I am done
    and I thought you were taking a break from posting also?
    wat up..DJ vinny.Would u mind spinning my new joint, Bang-Bang? i'd appreciate the exposure! if interested please e-mail me at ...royalty73@bellsouth.net. 7 i will send you the MP3...Thanks
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