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  • i gave you a chance to came back at the new forumTJSDJS
    SEND ME AN EMAIL TO servicemusic2016@gmail.com
    Yo dj wats good when r the new extended mixes coming... think last i got us that combo 45 46 47 something like that... plz update soon thanx...

    Can you please repost Voodoo Club Extends - Volume 43 & 44
    The ddownload links still problematic
    Hey man,

    What's up bro?, how're things with DJing & Producing, hope all well my man.

    Was going through my collection and happen to notice that I'm missing 'Dj Voodoo Club Extends - Volume 02', couldn't find it anywhere so hope you could hook me up with that to complete your collection :)

    Take it easy and keep doing what U doing man, catch U later

    Hilal (aka DJ Hilalo)
    Hi Im just gettin back to the site after a while . Got any tips on using tjs these days ?
    I Also sent u a friend request .Maybe I could get a friend back ?
    HI Please Give a good linkd to Dj Voodoo Club Extends - Volume 23 and Dj Voodoo Club Extends - Volume 22....Big Big THX

    My mail agresor2@gmail.com
    Waddup man .. Dude been bumpin some of ur stuff thnx alot for it .. helped me up my game . Nways I'm also from SA keen to hear u play bra.. where can i catch u? anada thing ive been tryna wrk on some extendeds of my own but is a bit of a prob .. could i send some ur way for a few pointers? Holla if this is kewl no pressure..!! Nways Thnx agen for the material ..
    hey djvoodoo.. iv been playing ur extends for about month already... luv ur albums!!! thanks ..

    much love,
    whazup voodoo..see u from south africa.so am i!!! im new to this forum..joined yesterday.drop a line when u get this.
    Hey bro- sorry about the hella late reply - just didn't really look at it 'till now - and been a bit more than busy - but yeah - should be back to postin' on this soon enough I hope... life gets in the way of life somethimes y'know??

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