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    Empress R.A.W/Down South Girls

    Tj give me your feedback on this song... Down South Girls!!!! Empress R.A.W produced by DJ. Brad (Legion of Doom) Tried to attach it says file size is too big... Please refer to this site to hear it I think its a banger. Let me know what to do to increase file size. What you think? Thanks...
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    Hidden Gem Productions presents...

    Empress R.A.W is the hottest Female MC in the South RIGHT NOW. Check out her new Club anthem,"DownSouthGIRLS" on www.soundclick.com/empressraw RIGHT now. To hear exclusives off her fourth mix cd hosted by the legendary world famous DJ. DAGWOOD!!!!!!!!!! Feedback is aprreciated. Order your...
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    The Empress of the South is here...

    Check this hot new remix out. Dedicated to all my beautiful black men... Also hear more from the Empress at www.soundclick.com/empressraw Hit me up with feedback... :D
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    3-6 Mafia remix/ I'm so high/I Gotcha

    Check out this remix dedicated to all my beautiful black men. Dj's hop on this heat... NOW Also check out www.soundclick.com/empressraw to hear more from Hidden Gem II. The Sequel, which is on sale now with a bonus DVD!!! For more info contact: empressraw@yahoo.com
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    Hot New Female MC

    Hey this ya girl the Empress R.A.W Please check me out at www.soundclick.com/empressraw to hear some of my music. Feedback is appreciated... Or contact me at: empressraw@yahoo.com[/url]