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  • please tell me whats the point of posting same thing in R&B (public) and in MT again?
    loads of things.. its jus cos it wasnt registering b4..

    I've been gettin repped for years and my points total has been going up but not being displayed on the old version of the forum..

    i still think something is wrong.. it should be way higher, hahhaah lol,

    im serious tho i use to kill the posts back in the day, esp in the rnb section.. hence why i came mod.. thats like before i told u about here tho.. i post in MT too tho, so alot of ppl know that i know my shit there too so i get repped a lot over there aswell :)

    glad its working tho.. u can chk ur own rep points by cliking ur own scale.. try it..

    when u get "thanks" from ppl for a thread it adds 1point i think it is and if u get repped it adds 5-10pts or something.. not sure how much u need to go up another rep on ur profile display tho.. im on 103 atm :)
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