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    Digitraxx BPM & Tracklist

    Is there a list somewhere with BPM info on this remix service?
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    REQ: nicki minaj - the night is still young

    Is there an extend of this floating around? Would also be thankful for a acap and or intru if available.
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    MASSIVE Selection Of Records (Something 4 Everyone)

    Hey Everyone, Im in the process of cleaning my record room out, got about 1/4 of my record collection up for grabs...I would like for someone to just buy all of them in one go but I can sale indiv. as well I take paypal. Reasonable offers please...I will ship the cheapest way possible unless...
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    Technic SL1200 w/ Numark needle

    Great condition Technic 1200 - comes with a numark needle Un-expected bill arrived at my door and need to to pay it $250 shipped anywhere in the US will take paypal
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    DJs/Peeps In the Atlanta Area

    Hey - whats up fam i just got a promotion in my job so im movin to the ATL - i got fam and all up there but lookin for peeps that have DJing in common to meet up and hang out or whateva - ive been there a few times but this is my first time actually movin up there Hit me up or message me
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    Denon S-5000 4 Sale

    I got one 4 sale - $400 shipped in great condition Got vids on myspace, check my profile - needing money to upgrade equipment Denon Picture: holla at me ps - i have org. box and papers and im in GA
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    FS: 86 Trance - House - Dance - Remixes

    This lot includes 86 Trance - House - Dance - Remixes - i really didnt get into this genre so I just have records that are sitting without play Here is the video...the video gives a good idea of what records you will get - if you have a question about the title of a track, just give the time...
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    FS: 52 Funky Mix Records

    This lot includes 52 Funky Mix records.... Includes: 27 (3 Vinyl) 28 (3 Vinyl) 29 (3 Vinyl) 30 (3 Vinyl) 52 (2 Vinyl) 53 (2 Vinyl) 54 (2 Vinyl) (2 copies) 55 (2 Vinyl) 56 (2 Vinyl) (2 copies) 57 (2 Vinyl) (2 copies) 58 (2 Vinyl) (2 copies) 59 (2 Vinyl) (2 copies) 60 (2 Vinyl) 61 (2 Vinyl) 62...
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    FS - 250 Florida Breaks

    This lot includes 250 Florida breakbeat....it has everything a few from whitelabels, to one hit wonders to all the well known names... Here is the video...it has some of the trance mixed in....sorry about that but the video gives a good idea of what breaks you will get - if you have a question...
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    Technics 1200 Mk2s 4 Sale

    I have x2 Technics SL1200MK2 for sale and a Stanton SA-12 Battle Mixer (less than a month old) - they work great Problems: -The round 45 adaptor that sits in the left side are missing on both tables -Foot is fixed -Flight Cases have normal wear and tear Pricing: I want to get rid of both...
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    South Georgia/North Florida DJs

    This is just a thought: I was at work sitting at my desk thinking about an event I wanted to throw last year but didnt go down b/c i was so busy NE who - i was thinking like 5-10 of us TJs DJs that have experience behind the decks and playin in the club scene get together, rent out a big club...
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    Vinyl Drumming

    Whats up everyone I just recently purchased a battle mixer (SA-12) with the reverse features and all to switch channels I am use to scratching without the reverse feature on so when i actually use the reverse feature, my brain and hands get confused and i forget when to open and close the...
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    Interested in Denon S5000s? I Got Vids

    Before i got these things - i was looking on the web for instructional vids on how to use them b4 i got them - well, too my luck, not many vids are out there so i decided to make some displaying the functions of the CD player in alil more detail. You can view them by goin to my myspace profile...
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    Mariah Carey

    I see she is doing a tour in a few months She comin out with anything new?
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    Video Section

    I think it would b really "gravy" if we had a section where we could post up videos n what not Say like, if a newbie comes in askin how to beatmaatch or setup equipment, etc, they can look at videos posted by others. It doesnt even have to be newbies, n e one in general. That way it would be...