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    Bernie Mac Passes Away

    CHICAGO (Aug. 9) - Bernie Mac, the actor and comedian who teamed up in the casino heist caper "Ocean's Eleven" and gained a prestigious Peabody Award for his sitcom "The Bernie Mac Show," died Saturday at age 50. "Actor/comedian Bernie Mac passed away this morning from complications due to...
  2. R. Pizano

    R. Pizano

    What up fam, you should be somewhat familiar with me by now. I've been producin since 2003, using all different equipment and programs. My style is different, dont know how to describe it. You can check some stuff out at http://msypace.com/rpizano havent updated it in a while, so those beats...
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    R.I.P. Mrs. West (Kanye's Mother)

    Dang, my heart, prayers and condolences go out to the West family.... This has to be the hardest time Kanye has gone through - you know they both loved eachother very much, and were both very proud of each other's own accomplishments in life... It's just unfortunate that this had occured...
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    New American Gangster Tracklist

    1. Intro 2. Pray 3. American Dreamin’ 4. Hello Brooklyn 2.0 f/ Lil Wayne 5. No Hook 6. Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)… 7. Sweet 8. I Know 9. Party Life 10. Ignorant S**t feat. Beanie Sigel 11. Say Hello 12. Success feat. Nas 13. Fallin’ Bonus Tracks 14. Blue Magic 15. American Gangster...
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    Jay-Z Interview

    Hey Fam, All Hip Hop.com got a nice interview with Jay - im just going to put in parts im sure some people wondering and post the link. AllHipHop.com: Was [“Blue Magic”] paying homage to Rakim, it's kind of obvious, but… Jay-Z: Yeah, yeah. It's like, lets strip everything down, put four...
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    Scratch Magazine's FINAL issue

    Yep, the rumors are true. Issue #20 will be the final issue of Scratch. But don’t mourn us—remember the good times, rap nerds! Now check out what’s in the final issue, which will drop by the end of September. We’re going out with a bang!: -Timbaland explains why “pop is the new...
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    Pharoahe Monch Vs. Lil Wayne (your opinon)

    Aight, so this might not be in the right section, but I really want to know your opinions, and I know people check this section quite often rather the Hip Hop section. (Mods if u wanna move this - then feel free - wont hurt my feelings). If Lil Wayne and Pharoahe Monch were to battle -...
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    Music help for upcoming gig

    Hey fam, I got a gig next weekend, and its for a father/daughter dance. Im expecting it to be lil kids - few teens but not many. What type of music should i play? Im guessin the fun kid stuff - cha cha slide, etc. some oldies like disco that the kids will know and adults listen to and prob...
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    Promo Only Question

    Hey fam, so i have a question about promo only. I know on there are 2 different versions, club and radio. Their website said that club are dirty versions and radio are clean, but when lookin at the back of the radio versions, some songs say "Promo Only edit" while others do not, and some have a...
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    Song ID's please

    Hey fam, so i was listenin to the radio for the first time in a while. I heard some songs that i wasnt familiar with. I have ideas of what the song titles are, but dont know the name of artist. Any help would be appreciated thank you "This is why I'm Hot" - is the chorus - goes thru all the...
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    MPEG Plugin for acid

    Hey - was wondering if anybody had this plugin. I have it on my other computer - but unfortunately im in need of it now, and dont have access to it. Does anybody happen to have it? Thanx
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    DJ Blade & R. Pizano - National Heat

    Hey Fam, This is a mixtape me and Dj Blade put together real quikly (DJ Blade passed em out at Tastemakers). But if yall didnt get one, here is the link for it. Basically - we jus tried to put music together that you wont hear much on the radio TODAY, so DJ Blade did his thing holding down the...
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    Need a song bout justice

    Hey fam, im going on a retreat tuesday, and i need to find a song that deals with justice (our group's theme). Anything you guyz know of that is not too bad content wise (it is for school)? I can edit stuff out if needed to - but - yea - any help would be appreciated (doesnt have to be a hip hop...
  14. R. Pizano

    Looking for a song

    Hey fam, i believe this first time ive been in reggae section. But, my friend wants this song - and said it was "jamaican" - i asked if it reggae - he said yea he thinks so. So - why im asking in here. The song is "big city life" by mattafix. Anyone heard of it or have it? Sorry if it aint...
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    Party Help

    Aight fam, it's the only party of the summer for me this year. Ya'll know the story already if u read that long post i put up a few weeks ago. But - im recieving a request list from the people hopefully this weekend - party is thursday night. Based on last years event - they were into modern...