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    New shid!!! MzSasha - Freak'em Dress

    New from DMV artist with BOA - www.theboardadministration.com @ThaBoard Artist: MzSasha - @ItsMzSasha Song: Freak'em Dress Video by: RickVick @RickVIck www.theorickvickjohnson.com http://youtu.be/6vBz71HKEn8?hd=1
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    On my Promo

    check it out and show some luv... preciate it ;-) website: www.TheorickvickJohnson.com youtube: www.youtube.com/RickVickTv twit: www.twitter.com/RickVick few joints i produced/video ImSoFly - Artist Ton Kahlion feat. Theo RIckVick Johnson Produced by: Theo Rick Vick Johnson video by...
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    Using Toms...

    anyone got any tips, tuts whatever.....? i been tryna throw some of these in a few tracks ive done..... i always got the pattern and when i want them to hit in my head.... but when it comes to laying the shi* down i go blank and cant place the shi right.... i kno work at it and work at it...