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    Hello everyone

    hey wassup, to the new and old. just checking in..... haven logged in in a looooong time.. who is still here....
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    FukcHeads Stop posting Packs!!!

    if you wanna share. be a fellow dj, and share a fucking track!! that will help the artist,Dj or Remixer.. posting a bullshit link with a pack of 135 songs is WACK...... and im Speaking my mind.... its Fucking Stupid and a Waste!!!! and if your offended.....Good! My oldskool djs know where im...
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    NEW Kent Jones ....DONT MIND

    Check out Miami Artist Kent Jones with His Fresh Track Dont Mind! http://www68.zippyshare.com/v/QTpBU895/file.html SAO Good Vibes Only
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    Uploading Packs is waaack!!!

    yes i said its wack!!!!! post a hot song or remix... share good music not a F#ckin Pack.... i miss the good ol days..
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    Thanks for Posting Bullshit!!

    everytime i log in all i see is Bullshit ass links, that someone stole from another blog or website...and they aint even dj's. you guys killed the Dj/Music industry... thanks..... back in the day, we shared and promoted good music... now a days, yall just copy and past.... but there is a small...
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    2015 check in. for everyone! (rollcall)

    :) Wassup Everyone.. its 2015, we got 45,000 plus members up in here.. over the years ive been falling off from dropping in to TjsDjs, crazy work schedule and family. but i will never stop being a part of this site. ive learned so much and networked with good people throughout the years. Hope...
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    Fun Fact. did u know. Lil Jon,B.o.B any ying yang twins were regulars on this forum!!

    back in the day...... when we would network, alot of peeps were up on here.. i know for fact.. Lil John, B.o.b. and Ying yang twins would log in.. and many others that i dont know about.......
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    2o14 Check in! drop in say wuddup!1

    Wassup Fellow fam, this is a Great site and over the years ive met alot of good people through networking, just from here..., i hope you guys use this site for good things, not just downloading Packs of music!! Tjsdjs been around for a Loong ass time and alot of Goodness came out of here...
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    Happy birthday t.j.!!!!!!!drop in yall!

    Wassup tjsdjs fam, drop on in and say happy birthday to tj.... If any of yall know or ever met tj, you already know... He is a great person! Real and never on that bullshit!! Happy birthday and all is appreciated throughout all the years!!! I personally want to thank you for everything, that...
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    Sup Fellow Deejays! and oldskool Fam! too much packs of music WtF!!

    ok, Honestly i havent been here in a while. and im sorry.. no Excuse, i love Tjsdjs Forum!! all i see is 100's of posts of bullshit remix packs we Definitly need to put a stop to these Posts full of Packs..putting up a link with 100+ songs is waack!!! aint really helping anyone!! back in the...
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    WTF Happen to this site!!quality down!!

    ok, im wrong for talking shit, but i do still come on here once and a while......i love Tjsdjs and will always support. i should get back to mod mode.... every time i check in, all i see is you guys posting Mega large files of remixed "bullshit"..... its good, i understand you share but its...
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    Check My Funkin Mix ....http://www.mixcrate.com/deejaysao/my-funkin-rnb-mix-276712
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    My Funkin Throwback mix

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    CLASSIC Dj sao chill reggae mix

    SUP FAM, HERE IS A LIL MIX I DID......... http://soundcloud.com/salvatoreasaro/sao-reggae-mix-july-2012
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    Sup Fam, 2012 Check in...drop in!!!!!

    wassup old friends and howyaDoin? new peeps.. i dont get up on here as much as i used to,, just wanna say all is well and hope you guys are doing good too..im still deejayin but not as much as i want.... and i hope yall are using this site to network, like i did over the years!!! thanks again...