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    Is this place dead? Dj slayed -hip hop trap humboldt homing beacon 28 min mix

    I dont see much activity in this forum, but I figured I would post this here anyway and hope to get some feedback/advice on my mix. https://soundcloud.com/slayed/dj-slayed-humboldt-homing http://djslayed.com
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    Eminem n Sublime Dubstep Blends

    I havent been here in a while, but lately Ive been real into dubstep and I dont see any here sooooo....... Let me know what you think http://soundcloud.com/slayed Emalkay - When I look at you/Eminem - Kim and Sublime - Ballad of Johnny Butt (excision vs slayed)
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    Rip dj am :(

    Seems like the painkillers prescribed from the planecrash led to our boy ODing. That sucks. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,544202,00.html?test=latestnews
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    Ive been playing with ableton live for a little bit, and I want to get into producing dubstep. Im good at making drums lines, but I cant come up with any good bass lines or leading synths. Anyone have any good tips, or vsts that work well?
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    Sort by Thanks

    If we had the option to sort threads by amount of thanks, we could instantly find the best threads, remixes, tracks.
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    So this summer Im planning on doing some small outdoor events. Im going to buy a gas generator, but I dont know anything about them. I need to power 2 tables, mixer, laptop, my amp for 2 jbl 15s, 18 woofer, projector, various lights/lasers Anyone have any info on what I should be looking for?
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    Technics feet

    I just bought a used mk5 with 2 missing feet. The one foot is going to be easy to replace, but the second one has the female side of the screw missing. Does anyone know where I can buy an exact piece for this? If not Im going to end up making one.
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    Beer and My turntables

    So someone dumped a fully on one of my Stanton Str8-80s, I know this is a cheap table and I should just get a new one, but I dont have much $$ right now. I understand it probably shorted or something? It turns on and the platter spins, but the speed control doesnt work, nor do the reverse and...
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    Ive already tried editing my options in the user CP. Any thread I reply to or create, I am automatically subscribed to. I also tried turning off emails, didnt work.
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    help remove beep

    There is a loud beep at the :36 and 1:16 of this track... How do I get rid of it? Im using Adobe Audition. http://djslayed.com/bc/koufera/2.mp3
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    Exporting Audio to the best quality

    Im working on a mixtape with an artist, he sends me the tracks in mp3 and they're recorded on a macbook with garage band. Since they aren't recorded professional, the quality is a huge concern. I need to edit the files a little and use Adobe Audition. When I export they come out a little...
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    Ableton Live Tutorials

    Ive recently been trying to get better with Ableton so I decided to share with you all the articles and tutorials I found useful. Feel free to add, Ill update. Warping 2 .mov Movie files from http://abletonlivedj.com http://www.abletonlivedj.com/media/tutorials/warping.mov...
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    Live Set DJ Slayed - Winter Electro Mix

    To start this section off http://djslayed.com/music/live/decelectro.mp3 Serafin - Music Sounds Better with a Breakbeat Missy Elliot - Best Best DJ Chaos T Pain - Cant Believe it BFlat Trance More Edit Kevin Rudolf - Let it Rock Adam Kopo Estelle - American Boy VNNR mix Akon - Right Now DJ Kue...
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    Working with an artist

    So Ive finally got a small crew together. We have a manager, producer, artist, and Im the DJ. Weve all begun working on a mixtape and the artist is slowly sending me tracks. What exactly am I supposed to be doing? Since we want this to be official, I wont be recording it live so it makes no...
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    2009 New Years Generic DJ Drops

    http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=609558ad4cec155291b20cc0d07ba4d262fe9777fef76211 Someone might find this useful