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  • Hey Dj Slick

    Is it possible you could send me all your extended mixes to my email please omarahmed1025@hotmail.com
    Thank you
    hello Dj Slick i was wondering if you have time send me 1-40 to my e mail dj_slickric@yahoo.com Thanks a million
    Hi Im just gettin back to the site after a while . Got any tips on using tjs these days ?
    I Also sent u a friend request .Maybe I could get a friend back ?
    hey how r you doing slick? do you have the summer break songs please send it to lmoney2@msn.com thanks man!
    Whaddup homie, I'm loving your edits. I was wondering if you had edited versions for Fabolous's "throw it in the bag (remix)" and Usher's "daddy's home". swifflaroc@gmail.com
    need DJ SLICK Extended Mixes 20,the mediafire link is invalid,,,please send me new link,your desperate fan,,my id comeletsearn@gmail.com
    Hey slick, I've really been feeling some of your extended mixes man. Honestly, much better to mix with then the origionals, and the crowd feels every beat until the next song kicks. Much love and hold it down for hip hop. Just one question, some of your extended mixes that are much lower, have been removed from their sharing website. Was just wondering if you were going to re up some of the dead ones? thanks
    DJ BENT - 905
    sup master..Jus got ur latest offering - exts 21..problem is, media fire is requesting authorization before download..Please help out bkoz im dying to get em extents...elque.dj
    Hey wasup? Hope all is well... Compliments on the ext's.. I love em... Prob is wen i try nad download earlier extendeds from 17 down esp using sharebee it re-routes me many times and i give up... Do u have other links? But more of a necessity id like links to all ur dancehall extends..that's my forte.. Thanks... The Voodoolicious One.
    Wasup? U gud? I got a hold of some of your ext's and im kinda feelin em. I play on radio and TV (Channel O) here in South Africa & am always lookin for new exts to play so if i will.. Holler back with some links and i should get em out there. Thanks. The Voodoolicious One
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