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    Dubplates for yall!!!

    For all you who would like some dubplates, checkUnity Sounds. My boy just came thru with one, it's fyiah. Ras Bumpa - $75 Fyah Ground - $50 Jah Patriot - $100 Don't sleep on these, you will regret it!!!!! Bless!!
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    New Record Shop Online!

    The folks at Straight Hits Vinyl in the Bigity Bigity Bay have finally gone online. Been waiting for this for a while. http://www.straightwax.com/content/store/
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    New Cribs Video...Check It!!!

    http://www.slackos.com/showmovie.php?mediaid=189 Baooww! How you like that?
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    50's Album Release Pushed Up..

    http://music.yahoo.com/read/news/16048896 What do they expect?
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    Big Up to all my TJ's Armed Forces Fam...

    Just thought I'd take a little time out and thank all of you serving in the Armed Forces. (Crank, BizRok, and all the others I'm missing.) Thanks for putting your lives on the lines, for being there. And stay safe!!! It's hard being away from the fam...I know (gone overseas half the year for...
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    Angelina Jolie - Home Wrecker

    Not the tightest lyrics in the world, but still funny (Watch It). http://www.getitright-records.com/joliehomewrecker_no_flash/
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    TJ just installed an Arcade....

    Now I really have no reason to leave this site... Sorry Xbox, I have breakout, and asteroids now!!!! :D
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    Guestbook or Forum?

    I'm finishing up my site, and trying to figure out which I want. I'm leaning towards guestbook, its nice, easy, and quick. What do you think???? Thanks, Bless!
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    WANTED: Sexy Female...Drops!!!

    Alright...I need a few drops from a sexy sounding female. I know this site has a few chica's. Or maybe someone else can help me out. Please!!! (we need a begging smilie)
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    All the free music you want!!! (I'm not kidding)

    Once again, Apple has teamed up with pepsi to bring you free music. Pepsi is giving away free songs in select bottles of Pepsi/Sierra Mist. http://www.apple.com/itunes/pepsi/ Now Ya'all can quit beggin! :D
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    Free Mini Mac's....Just like the iPod Deal!!!!!

    Ok, you all did the iPod deal...And from what i saw in the post, it appeard to work? Did anyone ever recieve em? This is supposed to work the same way. Except for instead of a free iPod, you get a free Mac Mini (worlds smallest desktop computer) or $550.00 Cash via paypal. There is also options...
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    Welcome to TJ's SWIMMINGpool....

    Ok, this is pretty stupid, but I stumbled on this when I was bored. It's a program someone invented that translates what you type into into 5 different languages and back to english. Here's what i wrote: "TJ's DJ's Record and CD Pool" And what I got back: "The file of DJ of TJ and the...
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    Hitman For Hire!!!!

    Check out this email I just got...Wonder if it's for real? Maybe someone has some use for him? :p
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    Bogle Shot Dead @ Weddy Weddy - R.I.P.

    Bogle (Gerald Levy) (the creator of many a dancehall dance) was shot dead this morning in Jamaica. http://www.radiojamaica.com/news/?id=14318 A great loss for Jamaica and the Dancehall community. You will be missed Bogle, one love! RIP. God bless his family and friends in this time of tragedy.
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    Replacing the RCA's on a Tech. 1200???

    Alright, I just bought a used Tech 1200 mk2 and I need to replace the RCA's on it. Anyone done this before? I dont think it will be to hard, I've taken apart some other electronics equipment and "hacked" it before. (Shhh!) Anyone have any tips? Anything else I should replace while I have it in...