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  • Hi Im just gettin back to the site after a while . Got any tips on using tjs these days ?
    I Also sent u a friend request .Maybe I could get a friend back ?
    woah i don't tink i've ever checked this section..

    yea Rahsaan I got more. Problem is my computer been giving me issues. once I get it running correctly ill post more.

    Kumbias kind of died in the area so I haven't worked on em but i may put some more together soon.
    any new remixes?
    the ones you do sound great in the club...bass heavy and funky..
    If you have any to share, please feel free to send 'em to:

    thanks, seriously..

    p.s. still playing that "Go head lil' mama"...bangin!
    yo texas no more kumbias it's been a while send me a pm if you want share. to me i'm still
    like that kumbia krazy shit
    Wasup? U gud? I got a hold of some of your ext's and im kinda feelin em. I play on radio and TV (Channel O) here in South Africa & am always lookin for new exts to play so if i will.. Holler back with some links and i should get em out there. Thanks. The Voodoolicious One
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