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    Speaker Wires ?

    I just bought a JBL EON G2 for a small studio I am going to build in my house that would go to a DJM-400 mixer (RCA) .. Which are the best speaker wires to use and does gauge make a difference ?
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    Hey Girl vs Patron Tequila?

    Am I just going crazy or are they really two different songs?
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    Corrupt Hard Drive?

    So whenever I load tracks onto Virtual Vinyl the waveforms will not load up fully right away - it loads little by little. However I am still able to skip around and even though the wave form is black if I click further into the song it'll still play. I am using a Western Digital 1 TB My Book...
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    Thinking About Getting A Sampler

    As a Virtual Vinyl user I am lucky enough to have the built-in sampler with the Numark Cue software but that isn't quite cutting it for me. I am thinking about buying a sampler for drops but I don't know where to look and really what is hot. Any feedback would be appreciated..
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    So My Girl Dropped My Laptop/HD/Interface Box..

    The screen is chipped slightly on my upgraded Macbook, my Western Digital 1TB is corrupt and my Virtual Vinyl interface box USB port is messed up. Luckily the laptop still works & supposedly she knows somebody who can take care of that at Mac. All my music is still backed up on my home desktop...
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    Buying Tracks with DJ Drops ?!

    Just bought some tracks from Club Bangaz and I am not too happy with hearing Benja Styles drops in the middle of the track - I was better off just mastering the low quality versions he posted on HipHopHits forum (/end rant) :D
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    Help Using Mac

    Well I went from switching my home desktop from Windows to a Mac & Im sort of regretting it when it comes to downloading/tagging my music. I don't use iTunes since the tags won't show up correct on VirtualVinyl so Im stuck on what program to download to tag everything.. Also I can't seem to...
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    Do VDJ skins work with Numark Cue 5.0?

    Just wondering if any skins/effects would work with Numark Cue 5.0? I'd really want to throw on a CDJ-800 skin and the cut effect with my Virtual Vinyl. Any input would be appreciated..
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    How Do You Organize Your Music Collection?

    All the VDJs out there, how do organize your crates? I've heard a few new DJs over the past 2 weekends and I was more interested in how they've been organizing their crates rather the style they were spinning.. Mine is pretty elaborate but it definitely works wonders - will post up after I...
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    Dropped my external hard drive - now what?

    So I pretty much dropped my 1TB external hard drive last night after a gig packing it up - tried plugging it in and it makes a weird noise and doesn't recognize the drive. Bought it a month or two ago? Can't find the papers for it but I don't think they would warranty that anyways. I bought it...
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    Buying a DJM 800 online for cheaper?

    Anybody know of any places/hookups?
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    Attn: MySpace Page Designers

    Looking for a simple but professional page to be done, I have my own logo but would need you to create background/flash for my extended banner. Reply/PM with price & previous work..
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    Amped Speakers vs. Powered Speakers

    What is better in comparison to price - loudness - quality - overheating, ect? Looking to buy speakers soon and Im not sure what im looking for..
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    Attn: Need Small Logo Design Help

    Want to get my MacBook + IPhone customized with a skin and I want to keep it DJ related.. Basically I want a CDJ/turntable and effects/paint splatters/drips around it, also it will say DJ Chris D in a specific font - this is an easy project and based on the offers/work provided I may use you...
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    Req: 4 Minutes Acapella/Elevator Instrumental?

    Came up with this idea just recently. Think it would sound pretty smooth too.. Anyone willing to give it a try?
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    How To Run Virtual DJ

    I have a gig this Friday and I want to run VirtualDJ on my laptop while I save up for Serato. The CD decks that are at this spot are Numark CDN88s, what am I going to need to connect everything and get Virtual running?
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    Britney ft Fabolous- Break The Ice (Remix)

    http://www.zshare.net/audio/91988382e9d051/ Pretty dope track, anyone mind trying to do an extend to this?
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    Hand-Crank Sirens?

    Im not using any software for effects and I don't use a laptop but I still want to throw some random sirens into my sets. Anyone know where I could buy a decently priced one? Having a lot of trouble finding one.
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    Off-Topic Section

    Surprisingly, this is the only forum that Im registered to that I doesn't have an Off-Topic section to their forum. Sometimes after DJing and listening to music the whole day prior I don't want to hear anything music related, almost like an escape. Anyone else with this idea?
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    Req: Celebrity Overnight Remix

    Heard this crazy remix to Twista's Celebrity Overnight. It was the instrumental to Royksopp- What Else Is There (Trentemoeller Mix) & the acapella of Celebrity Overnight. Anyone know where I could find it, buy it or trade for it? Seen it on some girl's YouTube page..