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  1. djtech

    NEW Gucci Mane "Run It Back" (FULL/CDS/320k/NODJ/BANGER!)

    Stopped to the crib between spots and was looking at my other post, and realized nobody posted this yet. This is the that other side banger of the year right hurr. This Kush is perfect!!!! Running Back (Main) 95 BPM Running Back (Clean) 95 BPM Running Back (Inst) 69 BPM Running Back (Pella...
  2. djtech

    NEW Sentury "If It Was Me" (FULL/CDS/320k/NODJ/SLO-BANGER!)

    If It Was Me (Main) 69 BPM If It Was Me (Instr) 69 BPM If It Was Me (Pella) 69 BPM If It Was Me (DJ Noodles Uptempo Mix) 130 BPM If It Was Me (DJ Noodles Uptempo Inst) 130 BPM If It Was Me (DJ Noodles Mixshow Intro) 130 BPM . Contact: Mike Matthews (832) 603-2381 mjm1@comcast.net...
  3. djtech

    J-Kwon - Boo Boo (Holdin Me Down) (NEW/NODJ/ALL VERS. & BONUS STREET SINGLES)

    J-Kwon Comes Bacc Hard With "Boo Boo (Holdin Me Down)" Spinning On Your Local Radio Stations With Video Coming Soon! http://www.hiphoppress.com/2008/02/jkwon-comes-bac.html J-Kwon - "Boo Boo (Holdin Me Down" (Main) J-Kwon - "Boo Boo (Holdin Me Down" (Inst.) J-Kwon - "Boo Boo (Holdin Me...
  4. djtech

    Ballgrum - "Oowie" (Prod. by Drum Majors) (NEW/HEAT!!!)

    NEW HEAT PRODUCED BY THE DRUM MAJORS Ballgrum - "Oowie" (Dirty) Ballgrum - "Oowie" (Clean) PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK!!!
  5. djtech

    Getty Boy - Throwin' Dueces (DJ Tech Blend / Remix)

    Getty Boy - Throwin Dueces (DJ Tech Blend / Remix) http://myspace.com/djtechnasty
  6. djtech

    DJ Tech Mixtape Intro's

    DJ Tech Mixtape Intro's 01 - Tech Intro - EA Sports 06 Mixtape (Hosted By Ed The World Famous & MG on the Trakk) 01 - DJ Tech Intro - Murphy Lee Mixtape (Hosted By MG) 12 - Ali & Gipp - Work That http://myspace.com/djtechnasty
  7. djtech


    LYRIKILL "YOU DONE MESSED UP" (DJ TECH REMIX) Extended Intro & Outro (NO DJ TAGS) ***NEW*** LYRIKILL "YOU DONE MESSED UP" DJ TECH REMIX Extended Intro & Outro Included NO DJ TAGS (So everyone can take credit for my ish.) LOL Lyrikill - You Done Messed Up (DJ Tech Remix w/ Extended Intro &...
  8. djtech

    TJ's DJ's Fantasy Footbal League

    I started up a TJ's DJ's Fantasy Football league on ww.NFL.com just for fun. I'm just running it this year as a test, if it works out maybe TJ can setup something for everyone next year and we can have registrations direct from TJ's site. Post or send me your email address for anyone interesed...
  9. djtech

    Lyrikill "you Done Messed Up" ***new*** (125 Bpm)

    ***NEW*** LYRIKILL "YOU DONE MESSED UP" 125 BPM LINKS HAVE BEEN UPDATED. MORE VERSIONS NOW AVAILABLE!!!! Lyrikill - You Done Messed Up (Main) Lyrikill - You Done Messed Up (Instr) Lyrikill - You Done Messed Up (Acapella) Lyrikill - You Done Messed Up (DJ Tech Remix w/ Extended Intro &...
  10. djtech

    Mouce - Cheez Out Da Trap (NEW/CDQ/DIRTY/NO DJ)

    Mouce - Cheez Out Da Trap (NEW/CDQ/DIRTY/NO DJ) http://s58.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2ITC7QW7KB001030VUN7UF6YCQ Holla if you need the clean version. For drops, freestyles, production or interviews contact: Mouce (407) 461.0656 www.myspace.com/mouce Please post some feedback. Thanks.
  11. djtech

    Lil Breezy / Dictonite (New/Dirty/No DJ)

    Lil Breezy / Dictonite (New/Dirty/No DJ) http://s9.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=353SML6NQZFOL1ILNJENHQ7XDU Please leave some feedback. Enjoy.
  12. djtech

    Randy B. - Come Wit Me (New/CDQ/NO DJ)

    Eveyone is begging for more new music from Randy B. Here ya go, 2 new tracks. Merry Christmas. Randy B. - Come Wit Me (New/CDQ/NO DJ) Randy B. - Southern Love (New/CDQ/NO DJ) Please drop your feedback.
  13. djtech

    Contact For Lynch Mob Records Needed?

    Contact For Lynch Mob Records / Ice Cube Needed? Can somebody please come through with this contact fo me? Our members need service from this label and i'm unable to find this one yet. This is also helping me save time & company money. I know i'll find it eventually, but I need this a.s.a.p...
  14. djtech

    Lynch Mob Records contact needed.

    Does anyone have a contact for "Lynch Mob Records" I can get?
  15. djtech

    SupaCell - "Club Jungle" CDQ/NODJ

    Please drop your feedback. SupaCell - "Club Jungle" SupaCell - "Supa Twist" For more info, drops or servicing contact: supacell@gmail.com (850) 576-7208
  16. djtech

    Dj Slim Foam Party Oct 1 Garden Club

    Dj Slim Foam Party @ Garden Club saturday oct 1 in tallahassee fl teenagers from 13teen 2 18teen.
  17. djtech

    BIG NEWS: I just got this in my email.

    Please read carefully below. I am forwarding this email from a comrade of mine who is doing great things: We are going to sponsor 50 mixtapes. We will be providing the cds,cases, and inserts. You would be receiving between 500-1000 tapes, depending on the market. Below is a list of the...
  18. djtech

    DJ Tech's Radio Mix Set (recorded live)

    I'm really close to puttin out a real mix CD, I know I have been saying this for minute but I'm gonna do it. I keep putting it off because i'm trying to wait til i get my CDX's, so I can properly mix newer ish. Also wanna start gettin more drops & freestyles. I still want to get my mixes posted...
  19. djtech

    COMING SOON *** NEW *** REGGAE CHART ON TJ's DJ's web site

    We will be adding some new lists to our charts page very soon http://www.tjsdjs.com/charts.htm The new charts will include Reggae Top 10 and Indie Top 20. All artists and labels send in your new reggae releases for distribution to our members. We are asking for 90 pieces if you have vinyl, 60...
  20. djtech

    TJ's DJ's Record & CD Pool

    What's up everyone? I'm finally getting a chance to holla. Just starting to get setteld and organized into my new job, however there are still alot of projects i'm trying to complete so things can get easier and better for our members and myself. I'll be keeping an extra eye on this forum (TJ's...