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  1. DJ TRIO

    New!! Cheat_Codes-LeanOnMe ReMix By Dj TRio

    Whats Good Fam, It's been a little while but.. School has started and things are Krazy! After My Sons Soccer Game I decided to go to the basement and get some drinks,, and My Son was watching videos and the song came on and this is what happened 30 Mins Later.. EnJoY Dj TRio
  2. DJ TRIO

    New Mash- Up Remix AJR Less Sad By Dj TRio

    Here is a Mashup Remix I 'm working on... I pulled my leg muscle trying to beat my son's sprint time in his Kenetic Training Camp.. Man that wasn't a good idea!!! Since I couldn't go down to the Lab and create this.., I just use my Hercules Starlight Controller to lay this down.. It's a very...
  3. DJ TRIO

    New Mash - Up Remix U Right SelvaRey By Dj TRio

    Here is another one that I'm working on... I'm going to finish this one.. It's going to be CRAZY!!!! The beat comes from Bruno's Rum Commercial... :) When I saw it online this is what came to me... Since MY Leg is hurt.. I just laid the idea down until I can go back into the lab... EnJoY Dj TRio
  4. DJ TRIO

    New!! Audrey Nun Space ReMix By Dj TRio

    Fam, Here is one I created in April.. I purchased a Go Go KIt form Online Last year and I thought it would give me some inspiration and it wasn't what I was looking for. So...I decided to start from scratch.. I listened to the samples for a weeks while @ work and nothing came to me.. Then at My...
  5. DJ TRIO

    Aya Nakamura Doudou ReMix By Dj TRio

    Here is another one that I created. I don't thin Im going to do a final Mix.. EnJoY......... Dj TRio
  6. DJ TRIO

    New DMX feat Jay & Nas---BATH SALTS ReMix BY Dj TRio

    Happy 4th Everyone, Here is another ReMix I created... This is the 1st Pass on this Mix.. I went into the Lab to create a BEat for Les Twins New Song and This is What came out! As soon as I laid the Chord... All I could hear was DMX/Jay/Nas Bath Salts... So here it is ..... EnJoY Dj TRio
  7. DJ TRIO

    PNB_RCK ForEver ReMIx By Dj TRio

    Here is another one I'm working on. This is the 1st pass on this Mix. I don't think I'm going to finish it. The acappella wasn't clean enough...., EnJoY Dj TRio
  8. DJ TRIO

    NessaBarrett I'm Dead MashUp ReMIx By Dj TRio Feat.. Montero Cover

    Here is another Mash-up I was just Messing around a few Weeks Ago. EnjOY Dj TRio
  9. DJ TRIO

    NEW!!!! Dj-Khaled_LetGo Remix By Dj TRio

    Here is one I created a while back. I've been riding with this for a while. I have some ideas on how the final will sound.,. This is the 1st pass at at this Mix.. EnJoY Dj TRio
  10. DJ TRIO

    NEW!! Pink W - Kehlani @ My Worst Mash - Up ReMix W Peaches By Dj TRio

    Tonight I was Getting Ready to go into the Lab and on the TV my son was watching videos and Peaches came on.. Instantly this is what was playin in my mind. So I pulled out the Hercules Starlight Dj controller for a quick Mix... This is the 1st Pass.... EnJoY Dj TRio
  11. DJ TRIO

    NF ClouDs ReMix By Dj TRio

    Here is another one that i created back in March.. I had some ideas about changing the hook but I'm not going to add the hook.. This is the 1st pass on this MIx and I will not do a final Mix... EnJoY Dj TRio
  12. DJ TRIO

    Natti Natasha x Becky G - Ram Pam Pam Remix By Dj TRio

    Here is one I created last Month... I'm not going to do a Final Mix. Every time I start the drums get heavier and heavier.. and it's taking a life of it's own. I have 3 different versions. This is the original version.. EnJoY Dj TRio
  13. DJ TRIO

    Lil Tjay - Calling My Phone Remix By Dj TRio

    Here is one that I created a while back.. I decided to change the tempo. This is the 1st pass and I don't think I'm going to do a final Mix. EnJoY Dj TRio
  14. DJ TRIO

    New MarvnGay TurnOnSomeMuZic Mash-Up Feat GMOS By Dj TRio

    Here is one I created Last Night around 1:30am. I was on the internet when I came across GMOS. (Got My Own Sound The Band) The band has a single that resonated with My Soul. called The Way... This is what came out of it. This is the 1st pass of this mix. EnJoY DjTRio
  15. DJ TRIO

    New NutShell2 Remix By Dj TRio

    Here is one that I've been ridin with for a while.. I tried to embody J. Dilla. I gave it my best effort. I decided to release it as is... I don't think I'm going to do a final MiX. RiP PHifE EnJoY Dj TRio
  16. DJ TRIO

    Raheem DaJaVu Mash Up Remix By Dj TRIO

    Here is something I was cooking up.. This is a Raw Mix 1st Pass.. I don't think I'm going to finish it. I took D'Angelo's version of the SOS Band Tell ME.. with the Roots... Removed his vocals and added Raheem's Vocals... I create these Mashups to shock the crowds when I was on the Road...
  17. DJ TRIO

    Jazmine Sullivan Lions Tigers & Bears Rmx By Dj TRio AkA BeatMizer

    Whats Good Fam, Here is Throwback REMix I was riding in My Truck and i hit the CD changer and this ReMix came on so I decided to post It. This is an OLD Remix from 2008 . I made this Beat on My MPC200XL. Man How Times Fly By... The Horns are from my MoPhatt Sound Module.. EnJoY Dj TRio
  18. DJ TRIO

    Drizzy Drake Whats Next ReMix By Dj TRio

    Here is one I'm working on... I decided to drive it UPTempo... This is the 1st pass at this Mix,..... I have been riding with it for a While... I don't think I'm going to finish it.. I had written some ideas about the hook but I lost interest... I'm currenly working on some GoGO tracks.. Getting...
  19. DJ TRIO

    Bree Hot Hot Remix By Dj TRio

    Here is one I created a few days ago... It's the 1st pass.. I could not get a clean acapella to really drive this one... If I find one i will make another mix... EnJoY Dj TRio
  20. DJ TRIO

    New!!! Bryson - Tiller - Sorrow - ReMix - By - Dj - TRio

    Here is another one that I created this week... I was trying to create a slow trap vibe.... This is the 1st pass at this Mix.. I don't think I will do a final version.. EnJoY Dj TRio