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    Dubble A - Hallelujah (Over 1 Million Views on live stream)

    This young man was just seen on a live performance in a church called All About Change Ministries in Augusta, GA. This event was streamed live online to over 1 MILLION people through out the world.Several people are going to want to get this kid now. I wanted to be the first to put it on this...
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    Dubble A - Hold On Connecticut ft. Tiara Francois (A Song of Hope After the Shooting)

    For Immediate Release Attention : All music and Media Outlets TLR Worldwide & TLR Management are proud to present Recording Artist and Songwriter DUBBLE A and his new single "Hold On Connecticut" featuring Tiara Francois. Download Song here : http://tinyurl.com/hocsong After the...
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    NEW Dubble A - "What She Don't Know"

    After being charted #9 in the country for his record "Jazzy", the unsigned recording artist and song writer Dubble A brings you an even hotter song. This record is taking off even faster. From the streets of Augusta, GA on to other cities and states, this banger is capturing attention. Hearing...
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    NEW Dubble A - "Jazzy" [charted on a national billboard as #9 in the "Top 10 Taking Off"

    Dubble A - "Jazzy" [charted on a national billboard as #9 in the "Top 10 Taking Off" Download (Main) here : LimeLinx - Preview - Dubble A - Jazzy.mp3 Download (Clean) here: LimeLinx - Preview - Dubble A - Jazzy (clean).mp3 Download (Acapella) here: LimeLinx - Preview - Dubble A - Jazzy...
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    Dubble A's Debut Mixtape - AUG Celebrity

    DOWNLOAD DUBBLE A's DEBUT MIXTAPE "AUG CELEBRITY" http://tinyurl.com/augcelebmixtape http://tinyurl.com/augcelebmixtape http://tinyurl.com/augcelebmixtape http://tinyurl.com/augcelebmixtape http://tinyurl.com/augcelebmixtape Please leave all and any feedback and email...
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    BET Hot 16 Bar Exam Challenge - Dubble A

    CHECK OUT A POSSIBLE WINNER OF BET.COM's HOT 16 BAR EXAM CHALLENGE...... Dubble A Please leave your comments. Thank you. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/uiTswGmoBGQ&hl=en&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
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    Dubble A Ft. Mike Fresh "Da Future" BANGER FROM DA FUTURE!

    Dubble A featuring Mike Fresh of 5 Star Music! "Da Future" http://www.4shared.com/file/128280559/cd8c9989/08_-_Da_Future.html Please give feedback. Can you spin this?
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    Dubble A ft. Legyt "AUG Celebrity" Club banger!!

    Dubble A brings you another club banger that puts on for his city of Augusta, GA "AUG Celebrity". Due to the dance, along with the energetic sound this record brings, it has been catching much attention in the city. Is this something you can spin in yours??? http://tinyurl.com/augcelebrity
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    Dubble A "On My Mind" UNIVERSAL HIT!!!

    Dubble A is back with his official single and most universal song yet! It has been buzzing up to the surface rapidly. This upcoming rap artist/song writer reaches all audiences with this one. "ON MY MIND" http://tinyurl.com/onmymind1 FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!
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    Dubble A ft. DJ Supaman - "Take A Trip Shawty" Banger!!CRAZY beat

    Dubble A "Take A Trip Shawty" (prod. by Young L) Please give feedback! Download here: http://www.4shared.com/file/124077646/d3816f17/Take_A_Trip_Shawty.html For bookings, drops, etc please email @ dubble08@gmail.com
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    NEW Dubble A "She Wanna" (prod. by HitSynth)BANGER!!

    Dubble A "She Wanna" SMOOTH BANGER 4 LADIES!!!! Dubble A "She Wanna" (Produced by HitSynth) Download Here: http://www.4shared.com/file/128754645/f85898ef/She_Wanna_.html Please give feedback! For bookings, drops, etc., please email @ dubble08@gmail.com