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    A couple Rock City tracks with possibilities?

    Though ppl didn't seem to feel that Qwote song I upped a while ago, one of these two might be better... both Rock City tracks "see you around" [older, prod. Darkchild], and the new "be my dancer"... maybe I just jock Rock City too much but I found some decent edits of "losing it" and some of...
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    Qwote "shawty it's your booty" remixes anyone?

    http://www.evilshare.com/036e5f3c-f2a7-102b-81f7-000b6aa2a5f8 Was wonderin' if anybody's come across a good remix or uptempo edit or somethin' of this track? Sounds like it's got potential for some synths maybe but I don't really have the kits to make anythin' worthwhile on it.
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    Got Money Remix (original beat)

    my boy and I put this together real quicklike in FL, I know the synths and stuff are standard but I was hopin' for some feedback, thanks! http://www.zshare.net/audio/205567275151edd9/
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    Up and coming hitter?

    I think this song's got some potential, been playing it for a lil' while, I'm interested to see what y'all could do with this Dukwon "aww yeah" feat. T Pain w w w.zshare.net/audio/11779444410383c1/
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    I'll Fly With You vs. Stay Fly

    Alice DJ vs. Three 6 Mafia w w w.zshare.net/audio/108814024680e4a6/
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    Tell Me When To Go vs. SF Anthem

    E-40's "tell me when to go" vs. San Quinn/Big Rich/Boo Banga "SF anthem" a little something from a while back w w w .zshare.net/audio/1054748456ddfe07/