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    DJ Rade - The Undaground Peepshow (East Coast)

    Latest mixtape from mixtape veteran DJ Rade 1. Joe Budden - Ordinary Love SHit (Part 1) 2. Classified ft. B.O.B, Royce Da 5'9" - Hip Hop 3. J. Cole - Before I'm Gone 4. Raekwon ft. Smif N Wessun - I Recall 5. Talib Kweli - In The Red (Vikter Duplaix Remix) 6. Snoop Dogg ft. Wiz Khalifa - That...
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    DJ Rade - Sugar Sessions 5: Southern Fried R&B - Sex Room Edition

    1. Rick Ross - All I Need ft. Birdman & Trey Songz 2. Alicia Keys - Unthinkable ft. Drake (Remix) 3. Jazmine Sullivan - Holding You Down 4. Nicki Minaj - Your Love ft. Sean Paul 5. Keri Hilson - Get Ya Money Up ft. Nicki Minaj 6. Ne Yo - Champagne Life ft. Rick Ross (Remix) 7. Miguel - All I...
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    DJ Rade - SWAGGA JACKAZ: Sound Of The South Vol. 6 (THEY'RE BACK!!)

    Log on to DJRADE.COM and listen to the mixtape promo on DDE Mixxshow Radio or download under featured mixes. A little something for everybody, goes from mainstream to gutta and back. A little old skool, a little new school, but either way, they're all SUPA SWAG SONGS!Thanks for the feedback from...
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    Funny Presidential Shit!

    Presidential Recruitment Rap LOL..just click through and follow the link.
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    DJRade.com, 334 Mobb + Indie's

    Site updated: log on for new content. djrade.com Download 334 Mobb tracks (Dirty South): djrade.com/music/334 Listen to DDE Mixshow Radio Stagga downloads (active) + interview (3/19) New DJ Rade mixtape, playlist DDE Mixshow additions Please support our network affiliates too: isabombent.com...
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    Sound Of Da South 5: Beast Mode

    DJ Rade - Sound Of The South 5: BEAST MODE (Promo) Tracklisting: 1. Da Beast Intro 2. David Banner - I Ain't Got Nothin' 3. T.I ft. Lil Jon, Lil Wayne - Stand Up 4. 334 Mobb ft. Big Ross - Stop Runnin' Yo Mouf 5. Tango ft. David Banner - Wobble It 6. Brisco - Might Be The Police 7. Big Noyd ft...
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    WEBSITES: For Da Lowww!

    FEB WEB SPECIAL: Effective 02/16/05 STARTER (target: indie artist (single), small band/group, starter music/advertising/publishing/DJ/record pool company) Yourdomain.com, hosting 1yr, single page design (incl. webPAGE, Front site page with pics, info, downloadable mp3, contact) $250.00...
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    MIAMI Peeps! SAO HELP!!!

    SAO + any other Miami boys on here...I need help re-booking for the Winter Music Conference since my quoted price just got bumped because of some bullshit:mad: , but yo, i need to find a place to stay CHEAP between March 20/21 - 25, 2005 that will be UNDER $150/night preferrably for a double...
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    DJ Rade - Game Tight Vol. 12

    Its coming!!! GAME TIGHT Vol. 12 The Definitive Mix by DJ Rade. Mix sampler is streaming now at slahla.8m.com and on DDE Mixshow Radio. Will be featured on front page following Sugar Sessions Pt. 1 feature! Artwork is here!!! DJ Rade - Game Tight Vol. 12 Playlist 1. Tight Game Intro 2...
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    Benzino's Response To Toy Soldiers

    This shit killed me! LMAO!!! I don't know when this beef's going to be over... http://www.thesource.com/video/benzino/
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    Cd Covers/design Work

    Looking for quality artwork for you mixtape covers for the low-low? Look no further..get with an industry expert and put your idea on paper as easy as 1-2-3. PayPal Verified. Street Certified Holla...DJ Rade Anansi Artwerx Digital Design gambinodredd@yahoo.com (727) 871-6984
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    DJ Rade - Kruunk & Disorderly Vol. 4 hosted by 334 Mobb

    Finally got around to posting this one..been sittin on it for too long, but then that's what happens when you're waiting on T.I to drop.. Nah..this was just some shit I was feeling and put in a blend. Everyone out there doing the damn thing..keep at it! Hosted by the biggest thing coming out of...
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    Isabomb Records presents Uptown Mafia

    New singles: Chief Loco ft. Young Nat, Dirty Game - Whatz Hot!, Young Nat ft. Tampa Tony, Chief Loco - Hustler Baby, Gitt ft. Chief Loco, Young Nat - Wish A MuthaF**ker Would Personally I think it's a different direction for Isabomb beatwise and flow-wise from the traditional club-crunk...
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    *NEW* Tampa Tony - Wind

    Brand new Tampa Tony ft. Gitt & Loc, out of the Isabomb Records camp in Tampa Bay, FL. More heat coming out the 813! http://s8.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=5380A5FAE884C647E6B0CEF3F7F47277 Tampa Tony has another single called "On & Popping" that's on my new mix, can't post it yet, but give me a few...
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    I was just going through my old mixtapes and thought about the Akon track Locked Up and how much it reminds me of Ole-E's Living Good But Not Comfortable track with the cat singing the hook...I think they call him Stank Sinatra...same gritty, rough cut r&b vocals and catchy hooks. :D This cat...
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    Street Knowledge: BombSquad Mixtape

    Samplers coming soon to the website: isabombent.com
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    Digital Dredd

    W'dup fam, good to be here after such a long absence. The name is DJ Rade, I'm a house, hip-hop and ragga mixtape DJ based out of St. Petersburg/Tampa FL. I run a small production/promotions label, Direct Drive Entertainment which is affiliated with South House Records. I also do a lot of PR...