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  1. DJ Master O

    I want to DJ live online - Need help

    What do I need to do this? I want to broadcast live online on my website so my listeners can hear me mix. Lomaximoproductions.com on certain nights do this for their DJs. They also have a camera on them while they are mixing. I want to do it without a camera like how the radio DJ do it.
  2. DJ Master O

    NEW Titi - Quiero Tenerte [Prod. by DJ Master O]

    Titi - Quiero Tenerte [Prod. by DJ Master O] Aqui les dejo algo de Titi Flow de Cuba bien afuego http://www.zshare.net/audio/8469593517a14e77/
  3. DJ Master O

    NEW Cosculluela - Prrum Remix (prod. DJ Master O)

    Come check out the remix! --->http://usershare.net/7mfqq7a7l1qg
  4. DJ Master O

    Clubs in New York

    What are the good clubs in New York that play reggaeton, merengue, bachata, salsa, hip hop, dancehall..all that good shit..lol..In areas such as manhattan and the bronx on Fri or Sat.
  5. DJ Master O

    Killatonez, Chyno Nyno, Nengo Flow, Guelo Star (Prod. BY DJ Master O)

    Killatonez, Chyno Nyno, Nengo Flow, Guelo Star - Terremoto/Hijo en la disco remix (Prod. BY DJ Master O) http://usershare.net/5m70i6arbtx8
  6. DJ Master O

    DJ Master O - Reggaeton Mix

    1. Hector El Father - Ven Donde Mi 2. La Sista - Me Pones Mal 3. Voltio ft. J Alvarez - Tumba El Piquete 4. Nova y Jory - Traila 5. Yomo - Lio 6. Don Omar y Daddy Yankee - Hasta Abaja Rmx 7. Newtone ft. Nengo Flow - Pide Calle 8. Daddy Yankee ft. Cosculluela - Hechale Pique Rmx 9. Cosculluela...
  7. DJ Master O

    NEW Dynasty - Hasta Abajo Reggae Rmx

    HOT REMIX!! With the same reggaeton beat http://www.zshare.net/audio/71522858b99e0006/
  8. DJ Master O

    DJ Master O - 2010 Reggaeton mega mix

    LINK ---> http://www.zshare.net/audio/71519161c853d353/
  9. DJ Master O

    I'm looking for drops

    I need new drops. I missed young hollywoods drops..So when is the next drops from the artists?
  10. DJ Master O

    NEW El Titi y El Pepillo - Ella Quiere ((PROD. by DJ MASTER O)) Official

    NEW KATS FROM CUBA....LEAVE FEEDBACK!! Enjoy!!Prod by DJ Master O http://www.zshare.net/audio/66839020f9579a17/
  11. DJ Master O

    Need help with digidesign 003 console

    I am trying to connect two keyboards to the console. I think I am not connecting them right. I connect one keyboard use Midi OUT to Midi In of the console. Then Midi In (keyboard) to Midi out (console) Then I connect Audio L (keyboard) to DI 1 (console) - Audio R (Keyboard) to DI 2 (console)...
  12. DJ Master O

    Looking to buy a mixer for FL studio.

    What studio desk setup should I get for my studio??? I need help to figure out what setup I should get. I came across two studio desks that I liked very much. Basically what I want is my instrument keyboard in front along with my monitors, computer keyboard, etc, etc...Studio desk #1 has this...
  13. DJ Master O

    Protools 8 question ***NEED HELP***

    My friend just got protools 8 and they have a problem with recording. 1. How do you turn the input echo off? He has an Mbox and if he turn the mixer knob all the way to the left while recording like it says in the instructions he cant hear his own delayed echo and he the beat either, if he turn...
  14. DJ Master O

    Yomo, Andy Boy, Wisin y Yandel - Descara and Dame de Eso REMIX (PROD BY DJ MASTER O)

    Yomo, Andy Boy, Wisin y Yandel - Descara and Dame de Eso REMIX (PROD BY DJ MASTER O) LINK----> http://www.zshare.net/audio/60566744471448e4/
  15. DJ Master O

    International saturdays at sesto senso - washington dc

  16. DJ Master O

    Questions on building my studio and advices needed.

    I am looking to build my studio later this year. First off, I was thinking of buying a house and creating the studio in the basement. My question is should I rather rent a space somewhere in my area - create my studio there or buy a house now - knowing that it's a great time to buy a house??? I...
  17. DJ Master O

    Leasing rights for my beat

    I am trying to explain to my buyer what: Use for 1 commercial/profitable use - means. What exactly this means to you?? I told him "Leasing rights allow you to use the beat (or song) for ONE commercial recording or broadcast. This recording can then be distributed for up to 2,000 copies. Selling...
  18. DJ Master O


    Where can I get these plugins??? Sonik Synth 2 (2DVDs) Sampletank 2 (8 CDs) Hypersonic 2 Korg Wavestation Digital Edition Korg Legacy Cell Collection Ravity (S) Absynth 4.0 Edirol Orchestral Real Guitar Albino 3 Blue Beast Plasticz Supersaw JunoX2 Delay Lama Mysteron
  19. DJ Master O

    Aldo, Nejo y Andy Boy - (((Produce by DJ Master O)))

    Aldo, Nejo y Andy Boy - (((Produce by DJ Master O))) Enjoy!!! Link ---> http://www.sendspace.com/file/fl3e1z
  20. DJ Master O

    REQ: Charlee y Kingston - Palo oscuro

    Anybody have this track?? I only have the remix a dj did to it..Thanks!!