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    Looking for some help my latin dj's!!

    Whats up , i am requesting any Salsa/Merengue/Bachata remixes or mixes any dj may be able to help me out with.. Looking to make a mix for a party i got coming up and i need some music and hott stuff at that, i would appreciate it if one of u latin dj's can hook it up!! hit me up...
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    Mix Bigdaddy's On The Ball Mix

    Here is a mix i made for everyone to bump to and enjoy....... Bigdaddy_s On The Ball Mix.mp3 - 143.23MB
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    Bigdaddy's Old School Throwback Mix

    Here is a mix i made for one of my girls in the bronx, it has a couple drops in it... if you like your old school this is a must mix,alot of good jams in it and i'm not typing out a playlist cause i'm too lazy lol.... Like i said if you are a true fan of old school this mix is for you..... Da...
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    Dj Red Country Mix

    Here is two remixes of reds country. Here is the link for Trace Adkins Ft. Jay-Z - Swing Batta Swing.mp3: http://download.yousendit.com/86D1B9245C627151 Here is the link for Tracy Byrd - Drinking Bone (Redz Remixxx) 111 BPM.mp3...
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    Big Daddy's Christmas Mix With Decoy

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    Citymixx Big Daddys Old 2 Semi Old School Mix

    Here is a nice old school mix http://download.yousendit.com/6AF69AB13598D7F5 Big Daddy & Dj Red www.citymixx.com
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    Big Daddy

    Here is the link for Big Daddy's December Mix.mp3: http://download.yousendit.com/BD2B1E175E84F1C8
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    Citymixx's Big Daddy Vs. Fatman Scoop Mashup Mix

    This going to be the last mix i post on here for a while.If you guys want my mixes shoot me an email to citymixx@yahoo.com and i will add you to my yousendit account so everytime i make a mix it will automatically go to your email address.Thanks for the love too...
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    Big Daddy's Locked And Loaded Mix (Hott!!!)

    Here is a new mix to bump to. Big Daddy's Locked And Loaded Mix http://download.yousendit.com/E20CE9282275E0A3 www.citymixx.com
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    Citymixx Official Remix Of Miss Issa's - Let Me Be The One

    Hey you guys, Dj Tes One just did an official remix of Miss Issa's song Feat.Jim Jones & Taj Mahal- Let Me Be The One. Let me know if you guys are feeling this. Leave some feedback!! We got it playing on a radio station in new york already...
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    Citymixx's Big Daddy's November Trick Bitch Mix

    Here is a nice mix for everyone to bounce too. Big Daddy's November Trick Bitch Mix http://download.yousendit.com/1BA76B440C2EF1D0 Enjoy everyone!!!!!! www.citymixx.com
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    Big Daddy's Mix To The dj's On Tj's

    Here is a mix i made last night for all the dj's on here to bounce to.No drops in the mix just my intro in the beginning enjoy all!!! Big Daddy's Mix To The Dj's On Tj's http://download.yousendit.com/EBB2AE4D02DDB7EC...
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    Citymixx's Big Daddy's October 2007 Mix with only one drop at beggining of mix Enjoy

    Citymixx's Big Daddy's October 2007 Mix http://download.yousendit.com/748CAFC1139066A9 Just a mix to bump too in the house or car enjoy all www.citymixx.com
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    A song Big Daddy's boys made in New York Funny

    Here is a song my boys made ,tell me what you guys think .It's about a girl that is too damn hairy downstairs lol,shit is funny.:D dorsel ft. rob boogie - 1 razor.mp3 - 7.16MB www.citymixx.com
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    Big Daddy's Bringing It To The Hood Mix With Just Intro No Drops

    Enjoy everyone this mix pretty tight:D This mix i bump in the hood with my nucca's and listen for the shootings lol .Thats New York for ya http://www.yousendit.com/download/www/ZUczTkFqb0I1bmcwTVE9PQ
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    Big Daddy's Lost His Damn Mind Mix

    Here is a mix i lost my mind too lol,enjoy everyone!!! I'll get to the tracklist later. http://download.yousendit.com/745815442E88CB26 www.citymixx.com
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    Dj Redz intro for Big Daddy

    This is a intro my partner Dj Red did for me when we first hooked up and he can scratch. One of the dj's in hear said they did not think he could scratch lol. :rolleyes: http://download.yousendit.com/648478DF0D1BA1AC www.citymixx.com
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    Citymixx Remix Service

    What up dj's Citymixx will be offering a special $7.00 a volume for a limited time so if your intrested hit me back at citymixx@yahoo and i will zip orders up. www.citymixx.com
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    Citymixx's Big Daddy's July Mix With Intro And No Drops

    Here is a mix for everyone to bump .I just put my intro in it with no drops throughout the mix.It is va and remixes here is the track list. track list 1. Big Daddys Intro For Mixes By Decoy 2. Rollin - R. Kelly 3.Haterz Everywhere...
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    Citymixx's Big Daddy's All Up In Her Mix

    Here is a mix for yall,I will have the track list for ya lil later.It's various remixes and Mercmonk your in there too kidd lol.Citymixx's Dj Red ,and Dj Owe too.Enjoy every one and let me know what you think of Big Daddy's new intro lol. Here is the link for the file...