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    Unreleased U.G.K.

    Where my UGK/Pimp C fans at? Anyways I figured it'd be cool to start a topic on Unreleased. Does anyone have any? Haha. I'll name off some tracks that I know exist. I mean these are actual songs sitting in The Pimp C Vault. Here's 10 tracks we may NEVER hear..... - Three 6 Mafia - Break 'Em Off...
  2. Z

    NEW Rick Ross (ft. Kyle Lee, Pimp C & Styles P) - BMF (Dat $hit Mix)

    check it out...and leave feedback http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP9G3ws9GB8
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    NEW new Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa 7/2/10

    Curren$y - Clothes Off (ft. Klassik) http://www.mediafire.com/?ajgdgr45mzg leaked no more than 25 mins ago. Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa - Scaling The Building (prod. Ski Beatz) http://www.mediafire.com/?t2ubnjjm2ui leaked late last night Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa - Super High (Sativa Rmx) (ft. Officer...
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    Bob Marley vs Khayree - Exodus (Forever Hustlin' Blend)

    rate please, i took a few hours to make this. its only my 2nd attempt at a blend. http://www.zshare.net/audio/71226376a7e45dd9/ Bob Marley vs Khayree - Exodus (Forever Hustlin' Blend)
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    Z-Ro & J.Dilla - One, Two (Drew's Blend)

    http://www.zshare.net/audio/707977443fbacefd/ i think it turned out pretty good, def better than the original z-ro beat, listen all the way thru. also...feedback please good/bad/any. just thought id do something original cuz who would have thought..dilla & ro? naw lol.
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    Mix UGK - Cocaine (NO officer ross Edit)

    Officer Ross was on this tight track, but he's a fraud, so here's a proper version, with No Officer Ross...thats about it.. UGK - Cocaine (NO officer ross Edit) (original track from UGK's 2007 Self-Title) http://www.zshare.net/audio/582127043175b150/
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    Mix Slim Thug & Devin The Dude - Bitch I'm Back (Both Version's Mixed)

    I liked both versions but together they make something sick as hell, the best of both worlds...so i layer'd them together check it... http://www.zshare.net/audio/57288531e2a8a1c9/
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    Slim Thug (ft. UGK) - Leanin'

    i never drop anything off in here..so ill drop this, just got it & its dope. the album has leaked :) SLIM THUG & UGK - LEANIN' http://sharebee.com/60e1f93e
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    Asher Roth...wait?...what?...who?

    this guy is pretty damn good. i heard all kinds of good things about this dude and he composes himself very well. i threw him in the eminem category cuz he sounds sort-of like him....but seriously check this freestyle he did. i heard this and im gonna start following this dudes freestyles...i...
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    Rick Ross caught lying about being a correctional officer

    ...and what do i have to say about it? big effin deal...the man wanted to make an honest living...its not like he was out there with a badge sweating people and pulling busts..he was protecting inmates lol. people on other blogs and webpages are saying he is some snitch and alot of other things...
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    UGK (ft. Z-Ro, Young Jeezy, Ya Boy & Jay-Z) - Get Throwed (Extd Mix)

    Classic track IMO. Same track till after Jay-Z's verse, then it goes to a Freestyle by a rapper named "Ya Boy" Ive heard OF him but dont know of him, but he flows nicely. Then this track also includes a lost Pimp C & Bun B verse from a mixtape rmx. Made this for a friend and put it off for a...
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    F*CK FAKE 6 MAFIA.. (3-6 disses kia shine)

    check this video out..props to dgb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARj98rgcfPk Kia Shine goes in there to show some love and get an autograph from these fake ass clowns and they go off talking shit on him for no reason...now dont get me wrong i dont like kia shine's music but that is just some...
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    Devin The Dude (ft. Snoop Dogg, Lil Flip & Andre 3000) - What A Job (Extd Mix)

    same track except lil flip mixed in there now too..yes again mixed for a friend but i wanna throw it up here...so d/l it or dont. http://www.mediafire.com/?cjtn0dudbcg smoke somethin' :cool:
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    UGK & Yung Redd - Swisha's And Dosha (Extd Mix)

    Everythings the same, except an added verse from Swishahouse's "Yung Redd" ..again mixed this for a friend & myself b/c i can never get enough UGK/remixes so here. http://www.mediafire.com/?0acuezj2mjy
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    Baby & Lil Wayne (ft. Chamillionaire) - Neck Of The Woods (Extd Mix)

    mixed this about a year ago for a friend and ever since i can never listen to the original, i like koopa in this track lol it even sounds like him and birdman are talkin in the begining. put this on alot of mix cd's and i havent had one person not like it. so grab it or dont, link wont be...
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    Lil Wayne (ft. Yung Redd & Killa Kyleon) - Pussy Money Weed (Extd Mix)

    full version of the lil wayne track, and mixed in the verse from yung redd & killa kyleon's freestyle on the beat at the end. same hook everything. i think it sounds good together. mixed it for a friend so i thought id put it here so others could enjoy it as well. peace...
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    Shawty Lo vs TIP (the beef)

    okay ive seen about 3 videos approx now w/ shawty lo going around talking shit on TIP, who the hell does this clown think he is? dude aint SHIT. no i didnt like the last TIP album and i havent felt any of his material..for some time now, but this Shawty Lo clown is something else. Runnin around...
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    50 Cent talks bad on Chamillionaire

    It was written July 24th. Below it says 50 cent said some things about chamillionaire and him NOT needing to curse in his upcoming album. Thats BS, just about everyone out there 50 has beef w/ now haha and i thought these 2 were making songs together WTF Houston rapper Chamillionaire is...
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    TJ's fam i need help on this..way off topic though

    i have Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer in 'avi.' and i need to know how to convert movie files so i can burn them to DVD-R?
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    Slim Thug (ft. Chamillionaire, PJ, Sir Daily & C.Ward) - Recognize A Player (Ext Mix)

    Slim Thug (ft. Chamillionaire, PJ, Sir Daily & C.Ward) - Recognize A Player (Ext Mix) well i thought better late then never... mixed chamillionaire in there, really adds to the track, adds a good 1:45 or so, and he flows alot better then the original artist in the begining, anyways mixed...