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  1. JonnyBlaze

    REQ: Thriller Music Video?

    Looking for the original thriller music video I think its like 13 minutes long or something ... think many of us could use this one.... Any help or direction would be great Thanks JBe
  2. JonnyBlaze

    NEED HELP: Which order to organize in ?

    Ok I have done a lot of researching but I need more help before getting to the specifics, I tend to make things a lot harder than they really are so please put in your experience with this... Thanks Jon I am organizing my music library from square one. As of now I have many different folders...
  3. JonnyBlaze

    REQUEST!!! Walk it Out Remixes??

    Does anyone know of or can post and remixes of "Walk it out"???? \ can be dubstep,electro,house,mashes.. WHATEVER it don't matter... please help me if you do, Im trying to help some girls out with a dance thing they are doing... so post up... preciate it Jon
  4. JonnyBlaze

    Ti - just like me???????

    When I hear the beginning of this song the guitar reminds me of an old r&b song but I cannot put my finger on it????? does this track remind you of another song??? help me figure it out.. or am I just .... wrong? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5gZuMtk1yk JBe
  5. JonnyBlaze


    I believe there may have been a thread about this before the site was down, either way I can't find it anymore... I have to DJ a 5 hour set by myself on Tuesday for the Inaguration... What songs/mixes/throwbacks... could be used? Anyone have any great Ideas what they are doing?. I'll be...
  6. JonnyBlaze

    Shake And Popalicious

    HAAAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHA ok. I dunno why I made this but it was too easy not to make it. Here is my edit of Shake and Pop Vs. Fergalicious. FEED BACK IS REQUIRED... tell me about the levels, the pitch, and if its on beat... also what would you do differently..... go to page and it will...
  7. JonnyBlaze

    Memphis, Tn .... Djs????

    Anyone here from Memphis??? My college football team is playing in memphis for the liberty bowl and I am trying to setup a night at a bar or club for all of the students that are flying in for the game... if you promote, own a club, or DJ in memphis get with me! Thanks Jon
  8. JonnyBlaze

    Satisfaction Vs. Tag Team -Whoomp

    Ok everyone gather round for some stories.... actually fuck that.. please go to: www.myspace.com/DjJonnyBlazeMusic and listen.. the mash (Benny Benassi - Satisfaction Vs. Tag Team - Whoom there it is) will begin playing as soon as the page loads... please post your feed back here on the...
  9. JonnyBlaze

    need a record pool!!!

    I am just about fed up with every pool ive been a part of.... Right now I am a member of WorkSessions, but I usually find out about new songs on here before they get em out. also, half the tracks they put out are 75 bpm or below which is not for me or my crowds. All I want is to be kept up to...
  10. JonnyBlaze

    Help me Identify these Mashups!

    I am trying to find the following mashups... If you wouldnt mind sharing them please send a pm with link... if not please tell me who made it or where I can cop it... Not scared to spend $$$ I buy almost all. Looking for: -Lovestoned in Flashing lights -California Love Vs. Flashing Lights...
  11. JonnyBlaze

    MOVIN ON UP?! With out falling back!

    This post is to all my dj's who treat each night as a performance rather than a job. Who are club dj's tryin to keep movin up and relocate and dj for as many people in as many locations as they possibly can. Or for og djs who have benn warriors of the road before. I have been traveling around...
  12. JonnyBlaze

    needle dust?!?!

    Ok I know you have to clean your needles and I do use the little brush thing.. but recently I have been having really bad experiences with the amount of dust building up on them... Im paranoid, like checking for dust almost everytime I drop a track... Im not sure if its the new club im playing...
  13. JonnyBlaze

    DJ Jon Blaze aka DJ Konnect - Lowlli Lowlli

    Lowlli Lowlli (Pop That Body) simple blend... if you can use it, pleas do but really please just leave somefeedback. also feel free to critique as you wish. I am not very experienced in the remixing game. http://www.zshare.net/audio/1513636208ae6a8a/ lolli lolli vs. "low" = lowlli lowlli...
  14. JonnyBlaze

    So I let her lick the rapper, Transition!!!

    What up fam, DJ complete and myself have come together to bring you a completely blazed production. TRANSITIONS: It's me bitches Remix to Lollipop to Lollipop Remix and back to Original Verses. Nothing to special but Im sure it can be used, its simple and the crowds have been loving it...
  15. JonnyBlaze

    Clipse -20K Money Making Brothers On The Corner

    Wow just got this... Not usually my cup of tea but what can I say... It's Clipse and its FIRE! this is not for the clubs but your mixtapes need this!!!! http://www.zshare.net/audio/75947979342ae9/ or clipse_-_20k_money_making_brothers_on_the_corner_dirty.mp3 - 4.86MB leave feedback 2...
  16. JonnyBlaze


    I am trying to find out about the legal process of making a mix CD. A company has contacted me about making a mix cd for them with a certain style of music. Basically it will be several songs both new and old all mixed and blended together will some scratching maybe some effects and a drop or...
  17. JonnyBlaze

    Thicker than a snicker???

    can someone hook me up with an artist or track name on this one... the chorus is thicker than a snicker, thicker than a snicker. so good, so hood, .... maker her my wife... thanks in advance JB
  18. JonnyBlaze

    DIPLO "Shake it up"

    this is the remix of beatles with twist and should Does anyone know where I can find this Mp3 or cd.. or anywhere to DL. Does anyone want to share or if you have it I would be willing to trade something Thanks JB
  19. JonnyBlaze

    50 Cent Amusement Park REMIX

    50 Over some different beats for your amusment Let me know whats good or what could be changed Thanks JB use it if you want to! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZMU96UZK
  20. JonnyBlaze

    Mims Like This BLEND

    This is "Like This" over "Where The Party At" Nice smooth Blend I have been playing it for the past couple of weeks Please check it out and give some feed back this is my first offical blend. JB This is the tagged version http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OJBEANK2 send me an email of if I get...