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  1. K

    Tori Alamaze VS. The Pussycat Dolls

    I have a question y'all. I'm sure you all know about Tori Alamaze's "Don't Cha" right? Well for some reason a girl group called The Pussycat Dolls re-recorded the song and it features Busta Rhymes. Do any of you know who the song actually belongs to and who The Pussycat Dolls are? Thank You. I...
  2. K

    The Trackmasters f/ LL Cool J and XSO Drive - Whassup Shawty

    I remember that there was supposed to be a Trackmasters album in late 2003 called "Tailor Made", and they had a single w/ LL Cool J and XSO Drive called "Whassup Shawty". I saw it various times on Music Choice when it was new, and I was just wondering if anybody else remembers it?
  3. K

    Kyrsten And Dia Of Sotti Records?

    What's the deal with Sotti Records? They have two artists, Kyrsten and Dia, right? Well Dia recorded a video for her hott single "Oh Yeah", and I have never seen it on T.V. period. What's the deal? And Kyrsten's "Move With Me" single w/ Foxy Brown has been out since 2003 and they haven't made...
  4. K

    I Just Found The Link To 50 Cent's Controversial "Piggybank"

    I just found this link over on the Beat Club Records' forums. Enjoy!!! http://s10.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0K3G20O0E3HZS3Q4GAR47M05H4
  5. K

    Nicole Wray feat. Peedi Crakk and N.O.R.E. - If I Was Your Girlfriend (Remix)

    I just recently came across this song's remix. It's aired on Music Choice numerous times, and it's hott. Anybody heard this?
  6. K

    Miss B. - Bottle Action

    This song is hott. Miss B. is the newest addition to So So Def, and she was featured in this month's issue of Vibe Magazine. This song has been out for a while. Has anybody heard it yet?
  7. K

    Lea feat. Lil' Flip - Girls Keep Talking

    Hey Guys! I'm sure you all know the sexy latina Lea who was featured on Lil' Flip's "Sunshine". She has a new song called "Girls Keep Talking". This song has been getting some buzz for quite a while, but I just heard it on Music Choice this morning. Has anybody heard this yet?
  8. K

    Lil' Mo feat. Miri Ben-Ari "Yeah, Yeah Yeah"

    Lil' Mo feat. Miri Ben-Ari "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" Hey Guys! Lil' Mo was just recently on "106 & Park" and dropped her new single "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" w/ Miri Ben-Ari("The Hip Hop Violinist"). I was wondering if anybody heard this? I haven't heard the song yet myself, but I found this out from some...
  9. K

    I'm New Here

    Hey Guys. This is Kevywj2, and I'm new to these forums. I'm a HUGE fan of music. Music is my life lol. Well, Holla Back. Take Care Y'all :)