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  1. Fredzz

    Digitraxx BPM & Tracklist

    Is there a list somewhere with BPM info on this remix service?
  2. Fredzz

    REQ: nicki minaj - the night is still young

    Is there an extend of this floating around? Would also be thankful for a acap and or intru if available.
  3. Fredzz

    MASSIVE Selection Of Records (Something 4 Everyone)

    Hey Everyone, Im in the process of cleaning my record room out, got about 1/4 of my record collection up for grabs...I would like for someone to just buy all of them in one go but I can sale indiv. as well I take paypal. Reasonable offers please...I will ship the cheapest way possible unless...
  4. Fredzz

    Technic SL1200 w/ Numark needle

    Great condition Technic 1200 - comes with a numark needle Un-expected bill arrived at my door and need to to pay it $250 shipped anywhere in the US will take paypal
  5. Fredzz

    DJs/Peeps In the Atlanta Area

    Hey - whats up fam i just got a promotion in my job so im movin to the ATL - i got fam and all up there but lookin for peeps that have DJing in common to meet up and hang out or whateva - ive been there a few times but this is my first time actually movin up there Hit me up or message me
  6. Fredzz

    Denon S-5000 4 Sale

    I got one 4 sale - $400 shipped in great condition Got vids on myspace, check my profile - needing money to upgrade equipment Denon Picture: holla at me ps - i have org. box and papers and im in GA
  7. Fredzz

    FS: 86 Trance - House - Dance - Remixes

    This lot includes 86 Trance - House - Dance - Remixes - i really didnt get into this genre so I just have records that are sitting without play Here is the video...the video gives a good idea of what records you will get - if you have a question about the title of a track, just give the time...
  8. Fredzz

    FS: 52 Funky Mix Records

    This lot includes 52 Funky Mix records.... Includes: 27 (3 Vinyl) 28 (3 Vinyl) 29 (3 Vinyl) 30 (3 Vinyl) 52 (2 Vinyl) 53 (2 Vinyl) 54 (2 Vinyl) (2 copies) 55 (2 Vinyl) 56 (2 Vinyl) (2 copies) 57 (2 Vinyl) (2 copies) 58 (2 Vinyl) (2 copies) 59 (2 Vinyl) (2 copies) 60 (2 Vinyl) 61 (2 Vinyl) 62...
  9. Fredzz

    FS - 250 Florida Breaks

    This lot includes 250 Florida breakbeat....it has everything a few from whitelabels, to one hit wonders to all the well known names... Here is the video...it has some of the trance mixed in....sorry about that but the video gives a good idea of what breaks you will get - if you have a question...
  10. Fredzz

    Technics 1200 Mk2s 4 Sale

    I have x2 Technics SL1200MK2 for sale and a Stanton SA-12 Battle Mixer (less than a month old) - they work great Problems: -The round 45 adaptor that sits in the left side are missing on both tables -Foot is fixed -Flight Cases have normal wear and tear Pricing: I want to get rid of both...
  11. Fredzz

    South Georgia/North Florida DJs

    This is just a thought: I was at work sitting at my desk thinking about an event I wanted to throw last year but didnt go down b/c i was so busy NE who - i was thinking like 5-10 of us TJs DJs that have experience behind the decks and playin in the club scene get together, rent out a big club...
  12. Fredzz

    Vinyl Drumming

    Whats up everyone I just recently purchased a battle mixer (SA-12) with the reverse features and all to switch channels I am use to scratching without the reverse feature on so when i actually use the reverse feature, my brain and hands get confused and i forget when to open and close the...
  13. Fredzz

    Interested in Denon S5000s? I Got Vids

    Before i got these things - i was looking on the web for instructional vids on how to use them b4 i got them - well, too my luck, not many vids are out there so i decided to make some displaying the functions of the CD player in alil more detail. You can view them by goin to my myspace profile...
  14. Fredzz

    Mariah Carey

    I see she is doing a tour in a few months She comin out with anything new?
  15. Fredzz

    Video Section

    I think it would b really "gravy" if we had a section where we could post up videos n what not Say like, if a newbie comes in askin how to beatmaatch or setup equipment, etc, they can look at videos posted by others. It doesnt even have to be newbies, n e one in general. That way it would be...
  16. Fredzz

    Numark 5000FX

    Well, once again im about to buy another mixer.... what do u all think about this one I need suggestions from those who have used it and or have one....ive had about 5 minutes on this thing which wasnt enough time to get a feel for it Yes, it does look like a djm blah blah, whatever...thats...
  17. Fredzz

    Breakbeat Records

    If any of u all or ne one knows ne body that would like to buy some Florida Breaks....let me know i have alot em that i need to get rid of by the end of this month
  18. Fredzz

    Track ID w/ JayZ

    Was listening to the radio and heard this track Didnt sound like a Jay-Z beat....the track was in the area of 95-102 BPM....im not sure if its new but if n e one knows ne tracks that he has been on recently let me know.....all i know is that this trk could be a club hit
  19. Fredzz

    217 Records = $150 or O.B.O

    alright, this is an update from my org. thread. Most of these are crate fillers some are goodies, ne who, there takin up space and i need to get rid of'em.....im selling this as a WHOLE and NOT INDIVIDUAL.....sorry for inconvience $150 or OBO plus shipping Winzip is required to extract...
  20. Fredzz

    Floor Fillers & Essential Tracks

    If this thread could be made a sticky, would be great. I was reading the recent thread Top 10....... and thought that this thread would mainly be good for all the up and coming DJs as well as ones that are already spinning in the clubs to know what is hot in the clubs. What are people dancing...