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    I need some dj drops

    Hey fam I am lacking in drops and can really use some. Examples like.... "DJ Storm In Da Mix" "You on the 1s and 2s with DJ Storm" "Crank up your speakers cause its your boy DJ storm in the house" "DJ Storm" Thanks
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    Anyone selling their technics 1210 m5g?

    I am interested in purchasing a single Technics SL 1210 M5G direct drive turntable. It must be in excellent condition Tone arm,Ground wire,LED Lights and RCA`s must be in excellent and working condition. Pm me and name your price.
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    Been a Dj for 5 yrs but newbie on the turntables

    I just purchased a pair of used technics 1210 m5gs with 2 ortofon pro s cartridges and 2 road ready cases all for only $500 :D Yes it indeed was a steal! Now on to my questions....... 1.How long can a serato record last and how do you know if its already worn out or not? I do some light...
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    For those that plays/listens to Funk and Old Skool

    George Clinton and the funkadelics/parliaments. Are they 2 completely diff groups? I know that George Clinton is a solo artist and has been the band leader of both but I`d like to get my mind straight thanks in advance fam
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    What to play for a 50 yr old b-day party

    hey everyone just got hired to do a 50 yr old b-day party that consists w/ african americans. now don`t get me rong I have a vast majority of disco,line dances,oldies,old skool rap and all that including ray charles,the temptations,stevie wonder,etc etc. can anyone grant me anymore ideas on what...
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    selling my ttm 56

    like new and in excellent condition selling it for $550. Pm me if u interested
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    Do you calibrate scratchlive everywhere you go?

    The serato corp recommends for all its users to calibrate ssl everywhere they go but what if your using cdjs or a cd-x? The signal on my scope is always 100% and from what it sounds it interprets the signal perfectly the only problem is that every now and than my right deck starts to inflatuate...
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    Bollymore Club Mix

    Here`s a fusion I did w/ some bollywood/bhangra songs with B-more Club Opinions greatly appreciated :D http://www.sendspace.com/file/10jwdm
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    33/45 motor on/off slowdown transition

    Suppose you are at about 110 BPM and you want to get down to about 80 BPM. Get your track that is about 80 BPM with a instrumental intro - lets suppose it is 8 bars for this example. Put your 80 BPM track on and set the turntable to 45. It should be about the same BPM as the other song that is...
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    Is it necessary to mark your serato record?

    If so how do you do it? I wanna try to get in the beat juggling/scratching routine and would like to know how this is done
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    Church Ceremony gone wild (Drum N Bass Style)

    For all u drum n bass lovers ur gonna like this!! haha to everyone else just check it out this will guarantee u to laugh ur ass off :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3CzptgIvcU
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    Lookin for someone or a store that printsout cds and covers

    I`m lookin for someone that can make a copy of 500 cd`s and someone that can also print out cd covers that comes w/ jewel cases and plastic wraps for a reasonable price. Plz get at me asap if u or anyone can help!
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    Finally!! A video on what not to tell a DJ

    For those that owns video scratchlive be sure to put this up before the gig and in the middle of the gig to remind the crowd. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73UxvPX3Huc
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    Suggestions on how to make a announcement during a gig

    Can anyone pinpoint me the right way on how I can make a announcement for dinner and the cake cutting? Yea I kno this seems a bit rediculous but I`ve usually worked w/ a MC but now that he has moved to another state I`m thinking of taking some speech classes so I wouldn`t be afraid to step on...
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    Merengue Megamix-DJ Storm

    Here`s a megamix from me to you :) hope yall like! Feedback would be much appreciated! EDIT: My bad fam here`s a new REVISED link http://www.mediafire.com/?smy9milj0mm
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    Interesting comments from Just Blaze to all those that bashes on serato

    he has made a lot of several good points here! Its time for all you "keepin it real" dj`s to start advancing on technology, the old days of carrying crates of vinyls and cd bags are over!! Lets just hope that serato never gets a automix feature or else byebye serato...
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    f*** Zshare.net Filedropper.com is the place to be!!

    nothing is as simple as filedropper.com all u gotta do is go to the site,upload ur file and BOOM ur on! no ads,no waitingtime,no BS and on top of that it lets u upload up to 5gb!!!
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    who here remembers their first gig??

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    Dj`ing has saved my life! I LUV being a DJ

    Who doesn`t? lol but who here thinks that Dj`ing has really impacted their lives? I honestly think it has switched my views about life! While kids my age are in to drinking,having sex,and partying their ass off while they make their parents worried sick! I`m downstairs practicing on fri and sat...
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    Who here rides the pitch or rides the platter?

    I do both @ the same time where I touch my platters to fine tune my mix and ride the slider a nudge to get my music in synced!