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  1. Misterdje

    NEW New Artist:DeRonica Ft Nicole Yung-Be Like Dat

    TJ's DJ's Peeps! Check out this new single by the Daughter of my Best Friend and Brother Terrence "DJ-I-am" Williams called "Be Like Dat" The Hook is smooth something for the High Schoolers Crowd! Nice Flow Put This in Your Rotation and see what Pops Off! I have It's a Definite Chart Mover...
  2. Misterdje

    Limewire shut down by federal order!

    Could This Federal Mandate Spell the end for Other Peer To peer sharing sites and Groups such as this? With the upcoming trial slated to start in January 2011 a lot is on the line in terms of what constitutes FREE FILE SHARING AND DOWNLOADS! A lot of folks are gonna be seriously Impacted by...
  3. Misterdje

    Live Set Misterdje: Old School/New School JAM SK8/Shuffle SK8 Mini Mix Video

    I did this mini mix as a promo for Skateland Of Augusta! Just got on the Decks and Did It! Mad Thanks in Advance For peepin out the Video! Misterdje:cool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa8wjCngEzI
  4. Misterdje

    Fantasia! Fantasia! Fantasia! Why??

    I'm sure everyone has probably heard of the situation surrounding R&B Former American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino. (Recent Alledged Suicide Attempt/Drug Overdose). It's a sad situation for her and all of those involved. My Question is: Do you think her Carreer will suffer as a result of the...
  5. Misterdje


    Normally I don't Post Tracks But This One Truly Deserves Your Ears! The Beat Is Off the Chain! And The hook will, what can I say "Hook You!" The Track was arranged, produced and performed by "MR.BUSTBACK PRODUCTIONS" This Young Man Is Extremely Talented! Let Me Know If the Track Is Hot! Not! or...
  6. Misterdje

    "GURU" Rest in Peace You are Already Missed!

    For all who didn,t or don't know "GURU" part of the legendary hip hop group "Gangstar" with DJ Premere passed away after losing his battle to Cancer at age 43. My heart goes out to his family and his kids as he was an M.C. Supreme on the MIC! It goes to show peeps life ain't garranteed to be...
  7. Misterdje

    Chris brown vs rihanna!!

    Chris Brown vs Rihanna!! I'm am very sure that unless you were somewhere hiding under a rock!(Someone was sure ta raise it and tell You!!) About the alleged assault that Chris Brown was involved in with his rumored Girfriend Rihanna!! The Press and many radio outlets have grabbed a hold of this...
  8. Misterdje

    Song Title Search!!

    [B][/B Please! I am trying to find the name of this song that is played on XM Radio (Da City) on Friday or saturday Nights By a Dj by the Name of DJ Tanz during his Club one Mixshow. The background voices keep chanting "Boom,Boom over a males voice while he is singing the lyrics (Thought it was...
  9. Misterdje


    I have been hearing Rumors in reference to the new update to the SERATO SCRATCH program. Is this program now workable on the new CPU's with WINDOWS VISTA?!! That's why I have not purchased the program yet!! Serato Jocks "CLUE A BROTHA IN?!!! Peace!! Misterdje:cool:
  10. Misterdje

    YoungCutta : Blow da Speakers!!

    This track was sent to me by a new unsigned artist/ producer from Augusta Ga. By the name of "YoungCutta!" The name of the track is called "Blow Da Speakers!" I believe that this young man is going to makes some positive moves hit back and let me know if he is ready to take the next step. mad...
  11. Misterdje

    Looking for that New: Know Know Track!

    :cool: Need help, I heard This track by a group out of the ATL called "Know Know" and the name of the song is called "HATERS GET OFF ME!" This joint iz mad tight!. Anyone got it PLEASE SEND IT TO Me or post it so that this crew can get props!! Thanks Misterdje Misterdje@yahoo.com
  12. Misterdje

    Misterdje: My Words Of Wisdom!!!

    Greetings Fellow DJ's! As the mover's and shakers in the industry on the ground level we have a committment to the masses!. First and formost:1. To provide quality entertainment that the people so desperately seek. 2.To ensure that the establishents or businesses that we work for or ourselves...