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    HELP!! Djing at retirement community

    I just got a gig playing at a retirement home for old ppls and I need some pointers. This is my first time doing something like this so I have very little ideas as to what to do. The good thing is that its only a 1hr gig so i dont need much to cover. But my problem is what do old peeps like at a...
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    Mackie 450's v2 or Jbl eons v2??

    I am going to buy some new speakers next week and I still havent decided betweed these two. What are your experiences so far and what would you recommend? I know theres probably a million threads about this but I want a updated opinion. Thanks!
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    cdj-800 stuck on vinyl mode! Help!

    Last night one of my cdj-800s was acting up. I was in vinyl mode and when I pressed the "vinyl mode" button to exit vinyl mode nothing happened, the blue light stayed on and the master tempo button beneath would just blink. Finally i left the vinyl mode pressed and it would get out of vinyl mode...
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    T.I. Whatever You Like (Dj Ron-E Xtend)

    Couldn't find any extended intro versions of this joint so I made a quick one for easy mixing in. Let me know how it came out. Feedback is appreciated. EnjoY http://www.zshare.net/audio/17249440019b5010/
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    EQ & Crossover help!

    I just got a EQ for my setup. I have two amps, one for subs, one for highs, and a behringer 2way crossover. How do I go about connecting the EQ? Input to crossover to Eq to speakers? or Input to EQ to crossover to speakers? Thanks for your help!
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    What program do you use to make drops?

    Hey whats up everyone. I wanna make some drops and already got some good scripts and some I even recorded already. I wanna know what programs do u guys use to add effects like deepend voice, sounds, etc. Thanks!
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    DJ Ron-E from H-Town

    First of all I would like to say what's up to everybody in here. I'm new to posting on forums, so I hope I get the hang of it quick. Im from Houston and I spin at a couple of bars and also do mobile djing.