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    Please help me

    I don't know if anybody even looks in the extends sticky request any longer, so hopefully this will garner at least a gtfo.However, I am hoping somebody can help me out. I have a request for The Who - Behind Blue Eyes extended, but not from the beginning. I need it extended from the 2 min 18.7...
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    Need sum 41 fat lip acapella

    I am working on a remix for a local indie wrestler and he uses the song Fat Lip from Sum 41. I have been scouring the internet for it and can't find it anywhere. If anybody here knows where to find it or has it, please let me know.
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    Kid Cudi ft. Kanye & Common - I Poke Her Face

    This song is straight screaming, REMIX ME PLEASE!!!! http://www.mediafire.com/?wg2mytzx2zd
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    I will pay well for custom request remixes

    I apologize in advance if I shouldn't ask this here, but I felt it was appropriate, and I didn't know where else to go. TJ's always comes through and I hope you can again. I am working a swinger party on Apr 4th. The theme is Daisy Dukes and Cowboy boots.... pause for laughter.... Anyway, I...
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    Know where to find Movie Samples?

    Just what the title says. Does anybody know where I can find vocal samples from movies?
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    This is not a request

    I mean it is kinda, but I am willing to pay for anybody's time spent if this doesn't already exist out there somewhere. I am looking for an electro, bass heavy, screwed version of Lil Ru's "Nasty Song". He is a new artist from Columbia, SC and he hasn't broke out nationwide yet, but I...
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    Please help me find this

    A few days ago, on either crack 4 dj's or crooklyn clan I heard a hip hop mash with the chicken dance. I am almost positive it was one of the two, I was going to purchase it today and I can't find it. I didn't write down who it was by, and now I am needing this before Saturday. I have no...