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    Drake - Started From The Bottom (Wyzee's Extended Mix 86 Bpm)

    Here's the latest from Drizzy... http://hu.lk/h8hx2vcxxlvk
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    Wyzee"s extended mixes

    Yo its been a minute, here's a few extended mixes i made.. Drake - We'll Be Fine http://db.tt/4amnKaTU G.O.O.D Music - Mercy http://db.tt/W86CphET Meek Mill ft Drake & Jerimih - Amen http://db.tt/yHGlk44P Nicki Minaj ft 2 Chainz - Beez In Da Trap http://db.tt/B6Qm7avj Usher ft Rick...
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    Banky W - SettingP (Wyzee's Extended Mix 122 Bpm)

    Here's one the two tracks Banky released from his album R&BW This is sure to get the people going http://soundcloud.com/wyzeeque/banky-w-settingp-wyzees
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    Banky W - Lowkey (Wyzee's Extended Mix 80 Bpm)

    Here's one the two tracks Banky released from his album R&BW This is a panty dropper!!! http://soundcloud.com/wyzeeque/banky-w-lowkey-wyzees-extended
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    Sean Pages ft L-Tido & Ayes - Bring It Back (Wyzee's Extended Mix 92 Bpm)

    Here's another SA BANGER, the sample on this track is HELLA crazy.. tell me what you think.. http://soundcloud.com/wyzeeque/sean-pages-ft-l-tido-ayes
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    L-Tido ft Banky W - It Ain't My Fault (Wyzee's Extended Mix 94 Bpm)

    Here's a BANGER from a really dope SA & Niaja collabo .. this has BEEN killin the clubs the whole year, thought i'd share it with ya'll .. As always feedback is welcome http://soundcloud.com/wyzeeque/l-tido-ft-banky-w-it-aint-my
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    Truey Donatello ft Tha1 - All Night (Wyzee's Extended Mix 87Bpm)

    Here's a track by an unsigned dude from SA, dude is blowing up, released one of the dopest mixtapes this year, and even opened for Rick Ross when dude was in the country.. Tell what you think http://soundcloud.com/wyzeeque/truey-donatello-ft-tha1-all-1
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    Best video mixing software

    Was wndering whats the best software to use when makin video mixes, tried virtual but it gives me a record error message.. any other easily accessible software??
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    Arts Fest Mix 2 By Wyzee (Hip Hop)

    Here's a mix i did for my radio show a few months back .. feedback is welcome.. features a few South African tracks on it..tell me what u think http://soundcloud.com/wyzeeque/arts-fest-mix-2-by-wyzee
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    Drake ft Rick Ross - Free Spirit (Wyzee's Extended Mix 73 Bpm)

    Love this track so decided to make an extended version, this collabo seems to get it right everytime .. http://soundcloud.com/wyzeeque/drake-ft-rick-ross-free-spirit
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    Chipmunk ft Mavado - Every Gyal (Wyzee's Extended Mix 80 Bpm)

    here's this BANGER from i collabo i would've never predicted... http://soundcloud.com/wyzeeque/chipmunk-ft-mavado-every-gyal
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    Young Bross - Tell Them Say (Wyzee's Extended Mix 89 Bpm) NIAJA!!

    Here's a Niaja banger from a dude named Bross... Pretty dope !!! http://soundcloud.com/wyzeeque/young-bross-tell-them-say
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    Red Cafe ft Lloyd Banks & Fabolous - Realest (Wyzee's Extended Mix 86 Bpm)

    This is a street banger .. absolutely Love it .. enjoy it http://soundcloud.com/wyzeeque/red-cafe-ft-lloyd-banks
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    Meek Mill & Rick Ross - I'ma Boss (Wyzee's Extended Intro 79 Bpm) BANGER!!

    Just thought i'd hook an intro to this HELL RAISER of a track .. enjoy http://soundcloud.com/wyzeeque/meek-mill-ft-rick-ross-imma
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    Tyga ft Travis Porter - Ayy Ladies (Wyzee's Extended Mix 96 Bpm)

    Decided to share this future banger ... made two diff intro couldnt decided which i preferred so decided to share both of them.. Tell me which one u like .. http://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/K39GMnGGSPzc8AF4uSlc3A
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    Da L.E.S - Matte Black (Wyzee's Extended Mix 73 Bpm)

    Here's another BANGER from SA .. new single from Da L.E.S .. streets are feeling it .. tell me if u do to !!! http://soundcloud.com/wyzeeque/da-l-e-s-matte-black-wyzees
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    URGENT REQ: Spazzie Riddim

    Does anyone have the spazzie riddim instrumental.. could u please hook me up . need it badly .. thanks in advance ..
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    Drake - Headlines (Wyzee's Extended Mix 76 Bpm)

    Here's the 1st official single from Drizzy's 2nd album.. This tracks is faaayaaahh ... definately gonna be one of those crowd favorites .. enjoy .. http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/52976589/file.html
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    Riky Rick ft Da L.E.S - Barber Shop (Wyzee's Extended Mix 85 Bpm) FAAAYAAAH

    Here's a South African track that will make u get ur Dougie on .. http://soundcloud.com/wyzeeque/riky-rick-ft-da-l-e-s-barber
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    Beyonce - Countdown (Wyzee's Extended Mix 84 Bpm)

    Here's 1 of Beyonces bangers off the 4 album.. http://soundcloud.com/wyzeeque/beyonce-countdown-wyzees