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    which speakers would you pick

    Right now I am looking to buy some speakers...i have three types that interest me as of now, sooo im just wondering what ones you all would go with mackie srm450 for about $550 a piece peavey pr12 for about $360 a piece jbl eon 12 (which i cant even find online anymore) is the mackie worth the...
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    how much are these speakers worth

    my friend is thinking about selling me his speakers but he doesnt know how much they are worth. can anyone tell me how much they think 4yr old FBT MAXX 4a speakers go for?
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    rca to speaker wire??

    im looking to buy little speakers (like bookshelf speakers) just so i can play around and mix stuff at home without the lady downstairs screaming. the problem is all the speakers im finding connect by speaker wire and my mixer only takes rca cables. any ideas of what kind of speakers to get that...
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    mess around speakers

    im looking for some speakers to mess around with in my apartment.......nothing big and great.......im just sick of listening through my headphones whenever i mess around mixin......anyone know where i can get just a small cheap pair of speakers
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    im looking to buy a cheap microphone (no more than $50) what are some of the good name brands....what specs should i look for?
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    looking for speakers

    im looking to buy a pair of 12" powered speakers but not sure what to look for. i need to get a pair for under $1000. im not sure how many watts etc. i should get but i need speakers that could handle a crowd of like 150-200....a decent sized wedding or somehting similar
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    setting up laptop to mixer

    just got a numark 1090 mixer and was wondering how i would hook up my laptop to it if its even possible. what extras would i need if any