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¤©§§©¤ Dj Jamz Cookie Jar Remix ¤©§§©¤


New member
Well..well.well.. Finally a quality ext of this track..i love the small clip of fatman scoop..ur fresh and dont let any1 tel u otherwise..1. Dj Voodoo


New member
i could tell from the first beat that i was gonna like it, and sure enough you brought the heat again! good job jamz

Dj Jamz

China's Finest!!!
btw ya'll the reason why i made this mix is cuz i like the song and i heard the remix from the scarfactor album an man the remix they did was pretty bad an it jus kills the mood in the club so yae had 2 make my own hyped up 1...an thx guys for the comments again

dj shaba(danceh

dancehall kid
nice extend remix of this song,it`s clean and smooth ,good job on the fatman scoop and the lil jon vocals in there(hype up bro)....