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14 www.p5audio.com Kits [Boss Of Miami Construction Loopsets, Waynes Ghetto World...]

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- All Screwed Up Houston Construction Loopsets

- Boss Of Miami Construction Loopsets

- Club Pain Vocoder Hybrid Loop Sets

- Dirty South Arpeggios

- Dirty South Melodies

- Dirty South Melodies Houston Edition

- Dre Guitar Lickz Chronicles

- Dre's Detoxed Hood Construction Loop Sets

- Gangs of L.A

- Jeezy's Hood Construction Loops

- Lil J's Crunked Up Kit

- Make em Dance Pop Club Edition

- Platinum Clappa Snappa Kit

- Waynes Ghetto World

Each Kit goes for 20€ - if you want all you can buy them for 200$ - contact following e-mail adress, only if you are seriously interested: pr0naitis@hotmail.de