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Ive been trying so long to master my 808s, i have no idea how to get that trunk rattling bass. Does anyone have any tutorials or any tips on how to get that real hard hitting 808 bass kicks. Or even that drumma boy "put on" sounding sub line. It would help me out alot thanks! 1!



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ummmm EQ and compression...... cut the high end out of the kicks..... compress the hell out of the drums and they should snap and pop!


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thanks for your reply, but the thing is i dont know how to do that stuff (compression, eqing, etc...)

I have an mpc 2000, and a motif 6 if it helps any.

Are there any freeware programs that i can use to compress and eq my drums, and are there any tutorials?

DJ Smuv

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yo , get some decent samples of an 808 (like dance megadrums , MANY different sample collections , etc) load em up into the 2k and get to work .the trick on the mpc is to set that long 808 sample to mono in the sample parmameters screen , then split it to 16 pads , so u can use it chromatically* (* the 808 long kik was always and forever tuned to A )

If u understand what u r doing ,u arent learning anything

da blur

Yea get some Samples or VSTs because it's kind of hard to make your own 808 yourself and get that nice clean knocking & clear thud.

but you can eq it to enhance the punch a little and make it even better too

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mmodi8045 said:
Or even that drumma boy "put on" sounding sub line. It would help me out alot thanks! 1!
that bass is whats called a sub bass aka sine bass or an "808 bass"
almost every synth ever made can make this bass sound
it comes stock in fl and reason
just dig around
its a simple sine wave with a kick like attack

as far as eq and compression of 808 sounds go , I set up a subgroup and send all my bottom end thru it i will use a compressor on this group to pull
the bass , 808 and kicks together , sometimes , if the song needs it ill use eq
on this group to fill holes .


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If You Have A Good Sample ... Just Make Sure The Kick And The 808 Dont Share The Same Low Freq!!!! You Dont Neeed To Cut Highs... Then Boost The Freq On The 808 You Want To Stand Out,, Than Compress It..!!! It Works Better If You Have Outboard Gear!!!

Dylan Dude

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If you have fl studio, just use the 3 osc. It's perfect. Make sure you lower the volume on the 2nd and 3rd channel though. It makes perfect sine waves. Then just overlap that with some kickdrums.


I've been listening to that track and tryna figure out the same thing. I use Reason 4.0.

Yo Smuv or anybody else can u tell me how i can get that bassline from Reason? i normally use the reason bass thats in the subtractor but i dont think it comes out like that bass in that Jeezy track that Drumma did.



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??you guys dont seem to know what your on about.

the 808 is a machine

the trick is to layer your drums, eq, and compress

you need to step your sampling game up.

for bass LINES get hold of a synthesizer, start from scratch and set the first oscillator to a sine wave. make sure the other oscillators are turned off then play some low notes and drop the high frequencies. DO NOT BOOST. boosting amplifies noise such as white noise (static sounding noise) and its better to cut otherwise your mix is gonna clip (sound like shit)

your motif should be able to do it all. your so lucky to own those. BTW, you dont need an MPC if you have a motif. sell it and use the money to get some better samples!!!

for the kick, you cant get much better than sampling an actual Roland TR-808 drum machine directly.

if you cant do that, get an emulator.

also try sampling the kicks off of other songs.


if you wanna create a signature sound and stand out from the crowd: apply a pitch envelope to your kick!! (808 long)

pretty basic but if you need more info or wanna purchase some really hard hitting drums get at me



just buy the meastro drumkit from tradebit.com for $10... it has some pretty fire 808's in there....

thats the dude who produced "3peat" on LIL Waynes third album official drum kit



da blur said:
good looks Ave..theres only 1 808s in that kit tho lol
should be like 2 different ones.... one is a regular 808 and the other is an 808 w/ a portamento effect on it (meaning it slides down an octave)

this basically is a great drumkit over all... well at least for dirty south type tracks