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wazzup, i've had ableton for over a year and i want to start getting serious with it. i can mix with it fine but i'd rather use turntables. i want to do remixes and improv loop jamming, but i've been putting it off for a while. i dont have a midi interface, controller, or keyboard and have been hesitant to buy them because i don't want to buy the wrong thing.

anyway, i was wondering if some of you guys could pm me your aim/aol/etc screenames so i can hit you up there and ask a few questions.

thanks in advance,


DJ Slayed Syzmor
Im not any chat services often, but Ive been using a cheap Maudio midi controller keyboard and it does the job. What kind of questions do you have? I think I spent around $100 on my keyboard and it was well worth it.


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did your keyboard have a built in midi interface? i saw an m audio keyboard that had one built in and that would be cool. so you just plugged in your keyboard? didnt you need a midi interface? what model did you buy?