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Anybody Have Any Of My Old DJ Rebel Remixes???

dj rebel

Washingtons #1 Latin DJ
Hey guys i hoping that maybe some of our vets here have my following remixes:

The Anthem (DJ Rebel Party Remix) feat. DJ Beatbreak
Move Shake N Drop (DJ Rebel Party Remix)

my HD crashed last year and i was able to recover most of my music but theres still a few that i haven't been able to find! if anyone can help i thank you in advance!! and if anyone has any of my remixes made b4 2010 please let me know!

da blur

I got:

DJ Rebel 509 - Feel it (DJ Rebel 509 Party Remix)
DJ Rebel - Never Alone (DJ F.r.a.n.k. Remix)
Baby Bash Ft. Dj Rebel - Outta Control (Dj Rebel Uptempo Remix)
Pitbull Ft. Dj Rebel - Shut It Down (128)(Dj Rebel Remix)
Dj Rebel - Dj Rebel Reggaeton Partybreak V3 (99BPM)
Shut It Down (128)(Dj Rebel Remix)(128Kbps)
Dj Rebel - DJ Rebel Reggaeton Partybreak V2 (99BPM)
Dj Rebel - Rollin' Right Now (Dj Rebel Blend)
Dj Rebel - Its Your Booty Music (Dj Rebel Blend)
DJ Rebel - 2008 Myjamz (dj rebel)
DJ Rebel - Pitbull & Dj Rebel - Whoop T Whoop (127BPM)
DJ Rebel - JT, Mobillionairez, Pitbull, Flo Rida, Akon, Nelly DJ Rebel - Furtado - Feeling Myself (Dj Edub N DJ Rebel Collabo Remix)
DJ Rebel - Dj Rebel - Mojito!
DJ Rebel - Pitbull Ft. Lil Jon - Krazy (Dj Rebel Remix)

/Dj Rebel's Latin Party X-Tends Vol. 1

not sure which ones are CDQ or have drops in them... this is why its good to give away your remixes free with no drop in the middle :]

LOL same thing happened to DJ Awdamaddix and I sent him some of his own remixes SMH


um they got 3TB harddrives for ridiculous $120 USD now.. although the bigger the drive the more likely it will crash (I think, maybe not anymore tho) but you should get one of them bad boys just for backup only
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You also NEED to (and I know this may sound dated) keep certain songs archived on CDs. Create a microsoft excel spreadsheet that can take new songs, alphabetize them and let you know which cd it's on. Plus, if something were to happen to my main setup being a relatively simple controller then I can always bust out the coffin and use the cds!