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Backup your music library

da blur

Bump.....you should try to backup your stuff like every 6 months to a year then alternate your harddrives you use when you do to keep up to date and so they don't die as quickly......

maybe make a backup of the backup and lock it in a fireproof/waterproof safe or somewhere else in case your house burns down... I know I'm being a little over paranoid but...better safe than sorry.. 4TB internal HDDs are rediculously cheap now a days.. get one to backup your backup why not..

I just had 6 yr old hdd only 160gb that i was using for backups die..I knew it was dying because it started doing the Click of death on start ups....good thing it was only backup of backups I didn't really need.. 5-6 yrs is about the life of a harddrive if your lucky..they all will die eventually
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Before doing any backup. i would request that you contemplate as to what would you do if you were in a position your HDD went belly up on you, it was stolen, damaged etc.

I have 4 Separate HDD's of 1T each one is backed up regularly. I don't want to be in a position where i have lost all my priceless music. i have one HDD locked in my fireproof safe. So yes it is very good advise to make at least three backup of all your music. Da Bur
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