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Bobby Valentino - Knock, Knock (Prod. Big Fruit)


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aight, lets get this rnb poppin again peeps.. need to get back on top of my game...

this leaked last night, jus hooked up my spkrs for today and this is knocking... same sort of vibe as Beep Beep, same producer ;)

Bobby Valentino's "The Rebirth" hits stores and online retailers Feb. 10 via Blu Kolla Dreams *cough* same day as Ryan Leslie's *cough* :D

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didnt you like "Beep Beep" ?? :confused:

if not dont worry, Tim and Bob are still on this new album :D

Dj Soulchild

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Got this last night too...absolutely love it, one of his best tracks in a long time!!

Don't sleep on this people!

By the way, don't you agree that his new CD cover looks really amateur?? lol :D Kinda like it's from some struggling underground artist on CDBaby or something...lol...


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i dunno lol... but now that u mention cdbaby lol... :p

also, it reminds me of another album... im not sure if its brandy's or someone else.. i've seen that style before...

the writing is similair to brandy's (top right)

nt sure what other(s) it reminds me of :cool:

p.s. images have been enabled in RnB now, aswell as embedding youtube videos :)


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Yup hot track! bobby has another track coming with big fruit, called 'no good for ya'.. very hot track as well!


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u right soulchild, i think thats the difference being on a major label, or a indie like his own lil blu kolla records...i have the beep beep single on cd, it looks even more "underground" lol, really cheap, but no matter, i still cop it when its out. thanks 4 sharing km

da blur

love this shit

Sounds like a single

The Brandy CD does look like it haha
& bobby looks weird on his
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I like the track alot. Thanks k.m, nice post!

Yup hot track! bobby has another track coming with big fruit, called 'no good for ya'.. very hot track as well!
Can you please post that "No Good For Ya" track? Thanks!


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Thanks for the post k.m. As far as the song, I think it's okay. I'd give it a 7/10. It almost sounds like "Beep Beep" part II. DJ Soulchild is right, the cover look really amaturish. I didn't like Bobby's last album cover either. I think Bobby Valentino has talent but I feel like a lot of his songs sound the same. His best song to me is still "Slow Down".


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Thanks for the post k.m. Lovin' this track, although i do get that 'Beep Beep' feeling from listening to it. BV is always on point to me, solid consistent artist!