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Bobby Valentino - Turn Me On


Great Teacher Onizuka
Hehe your post looks cool though k.m Yeah I know its hard to get appreciated even people are lazy to press the simple thank button while they are eager to press the download button. Thanks 4 the track, is this a UK bonus track?


Super Moderator
i dont think so, the rebirth album still hasnt got a uk rls i dont think... I've not brought it.. not yet anyway.. £17.99 @ hmv atm lol... not 100% sure if i will :cool: if i get it cheap i prob will :p


Super Moderator
^ can u see that lil face with the hand pointing down ?

theres a few buttons beneath there, for quote etc should look like this..

the one furthest to the right is the thanks..


Super Moderator
hmmm strange :confused:

try logging out and then back in again from the top right tjs toolbar thing..

are u using the orange theme on TJ's ?


New member
Yeah I know, thats what makes it all the more strange, definitley no thanks button visible. probably some issue with my account.