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BREAKING NEWS: Lil' Wayne tour bus detained in Falfurrias checkpoint

DJ enCore

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Lil' Wayne Detained By Border Patrol

FALFURRIAS - Hip Hop artist Lil' Wayne is currently being detained by the U.S. Border Patrol at the Falfurrias Checkpoint.

Lil' Wayne whose real name is Michael Carter, Jr., is being held along with eleven other people after officials found an undisclosed amount of marijuana on two tour buses.

At this point, no one has been arrested, only detained.

Lil' Wayne was set to play a sold out concert in Laredo tonight, and a concert this Sunday at the American Bank Center.

Officials with the American Bank Center say the concert will still go on as scheduled.
Dayum I mean, it's so close to the border...

Shit better go on, I got my damn tickets ready for Sunday, muthafukka!


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I just saw the FYE commercial about the Young Money release this Tuesday, which I must say is pretty good for the most part...what a coincidence!

DJ enCore

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yeah, his stageshow is impressive, live band & DJ. Tributes to Big, Pac, Jay-Z, Run DMC. not bad at all. Funny thing is Wayne bought some weed from my homeboy on his way out back to N.O. last night, bout 2 oz. LOL.


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