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cdj-800 stuck on vinyl mode! Help!


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Last night one of my cdj-800s was acting up. I was in vinyl mode and when I pressed the "vinyl mode" button to exit vinyl mode nothing happened, the blue light stayed on and the master tempo button beneath would just blink. Finally i left the vinyl mode pressed and it would get out of vinyl mode but when i pressed it again, the bpm would fluctuate badly! Im fairly new with the cdj800's, so i dunno whats going on. By the way, they are mk1 and I use Serato. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


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Sounds like it's time to change out some of the switches on the inside. Find a certified electrician in your area and order the switch parts directly from Pioneer. I would replace the vinyl mode switch and the pressure switches under the platter. The switches themselves are less than a dollar.


that suxx...... whenever i had a problem, i just shut em off and hoped when i turned it back on,, everything would reset!!!
dunno if it worked for you... but i hope you can get it fixxed.. i know how u feel!!