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check out these ppls Xmas Lights


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:eek: ...damnn...that must have taken sum serious time and effort to do...glad they arent my next door neighbours or there would be sum serious sleepless nights


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i saw that b4...it dont reali take alot of effort..its all a program....if u look in the top left of the house there is a steady blinking light...thats the lil thing that commands all the lights around. looks hot though....if any1 can get the song 4 this ..it wuld b really great. Im not sure what the song is called all i no that it contains the word "Wizards" OR "Wizard" - and it is by "Transiberian Orchestra" if AnY1 can sned me the link to donwload this song...i would gladly apreciate it. pm me is u got it



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yea if this was my next door neighbor i would have to shades on :cool: that looks bright. Bet it be ppl all on the floor dropping into a seizures lol(god forbid).