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Ciara - Oh (Dj Dez RMX)


whea dey do dat at?
no...its 3:48......restart you computer or clear your cache then try to download.....out of the 100 or more people, you're the only one who cant download it....


whea dey do dat at?
'Preciate it....Ive gotten a great response from this one...OVER 180 views in about 12 hours......Its obvious that the leechers love me......Thanx to all....ion care just download my shyt...burn it,sell it, I really dont care....MORE HEAT ON THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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whea dey do dat at?
'Preciate it Dj Triton......Be sure to check out my other remixes in this forum....If you like this one, you'll love my other ones.

Young Buck - Shawty Wanna Ride
Ying Yang Twinz - Wait
G-Unit - Bonafied Hustla

Dj Dez - Thought Entertainment / Operation Lockdown / Trill Figure Djs


**** U round eye!
This mix is so tight.

It's like a freestyle type of song, don't know if you guys know what I mean. Just breakbeatish, I love these types of songs/mixes.

Do some more mixes!