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** Club Heat** HQ - Jumping ft Cash (Produced by HQ) No Dj


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Mastered Version!!!

Here is the mastered version!!
If you need da instrumental or acapella just email me (badnewzent@gmail.com) and I can get that for you!! Thanks 2 all da DJ's spinning this record!! SNS Dj's, Hitman DJ's, Mega Djs, Senate Dj's, Hustle Squad Djs, Heavy Hitters, Core Djs, and HitMakerz. If you need Drops email wit a script and I got you!!

HQ - Jumping feat. Cash (mastered).mp3 - 8.94MB


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gatorfan92192 said:
this straight 8/10 beats got me hooked
thats real homie! preciate da love! you gotta play dat bitch in da car wit 2 12's or better!! it'll have dat bitch bumping! i promise you dat!!