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Craig David Ft. Sebastian - Body Talkin' (Jim Beanz)

Dj Soulchild

New member
Sorry bro'...appreciate the up and all that...but this song is just plain utter SHIT. What the f@#% is wrong with Craig nowadays???? I'm not surprised it didn't make the final cut, there's nothing catchy or memorable about it whatsoever...it relies far to much on the beat and production. Quality-wise, it's recycled, cheap and nasty...just a throw-away track to play it safe and please the masses. :rolleyes:

Horrible. I want the real Craig David back, the one we all know and love. Not the trying-too-hard-to-fit-in-with-the-crowd Craig. :mad:


New member
OHHHH this track. This track is really old apparently. A snippet of this song leaked a little while ago.

Surprised it just leaked. I don't think this will ever see the light of day on an album... could be a b-side on Insomnia maybe?

Craig did do a bunch of tracks with Jim Beanz for the new album... so who knows.


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it was defn made for the greatest hits.. Craig says so in the trk... so it cant be too old..