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Day26 - Think Of Me (Prod. Tim & Bob)


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Thx 4 this track K.M.
But I really doubt if there's anything that beats a oriental beat of Tim&Bob
I just get an spontaneous hard-on with their beats
This song is very hot too. But , reminds me of you is imo the hottest track of 2009 so far.
What disturbs me in this song is that the refrain is just a copy of Musiq Soulchilds - Now or later. They did the same with a few Deitrick Haddon tracks. Where they copy pasted lyrics from Bobby V.
That's actually the only bad thing I can say of my two idols. hot post in any way


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Tim and Bob have been recycling beats for years this is old news but the only person that fit with them has always been Bobby V with other artist they have come up flat

Dj Soulchild

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Agreed, definitely one of the best joints on the album, along with "Perfectly Blind". Overall though, the album is a major disappointment, just like i predicted... :rolleyes:

"Bipolar", "Shawty Wat's Up" and "Need That" are just soooooooo unbelievably CRAP!!!I can't believe they even considered recording them tracks!!! I was such a big fan of the first album (still am, actually), their sound was modern, yet still unique and soulful...they just went too experimental and way out on "Forever In A Day", and i'm sure a lot of their fans feel the same way. I'm a big believer of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"...but 5 different opinions in 1 group, plus some of their much-wanted creative involvement - that shit can only lead to a big ol' sonic mess. Such a shame, really.

And how could they not throw "Lemme Luv U Girl" on there??? Are they crazy??? That joint is FIYA!!!!!


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Have to agre with "lemme luve u girl" But i kinda like Bi-polar it grew on me but shame on T-pain dor that dumb ass Shawty whts up song.....its horrible