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demo/beat cds anyone????

dj blade

..hustlin independent..
first id like to state that im not really a producer, although i do like to try my hand at making beats. my questions are:

has anyone had any success in demo cds? really, is this method still relevant?

also, where are some good places to send these type of cds?

devious Davis

New member
ehh. i havent had much success with demo cds. I mean ive made a couple and sent them out but not much feedback. You just gotta get your connections right. The more I talk about my shit, the more people I know who have higher connections therefore gettin my shit heard.

I would recommend you look around on the internet in the houston area and start looking for artists then just sending them an email or whatever telling them what you have. the more you send out the more responses your most likely gonna receive.