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Denon S-5000 4 Sale


I got one 4 sale - $400 shipped in great condition

Got vids on myspace, check my profile - needing money to upgrade equipment

Denon Picture:

holla at me

ps - i have org. box and papers and im in GA
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how old is it and are you willing to ship it to 91209? are there any problems with the unit?


Its about 6 months old - this particular unit was kept in my home studio for radio mixshows and mixtapes - this hasnt been played out there are no problems what so ever with the unit - its work just like the day i took it outta the box

Ill ship ne where in the US

Ive sold my other one and the 3rd one is used out in the clubs and so forth


i guess the 2 ppl bailed out havent heard back from them

Still up for grabs at $400 shipped to your door